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Adoption Date: 1/12/2016

Students who are home schooled may participate in UCSD #1 sanctioned middle school and high school activities in accordance with Wyoming Statute §21-4-506 and Wyoming High School Activity Association Rules.


Home school students who participate in any UCSD #1 sanctioned activity shall be required to:


1) Show proof of academic eligibility through either of the following:


a. Attaining a composite score, not less than the twenty-fifth percentile, on a nationally normed reference test administered according to the guidelines established by the test in question. The test score will be used to determine academic eligibility for one calendar year from the date of the results being received by the UCSD # 1 Activities office and the WHSAA office from the testing company.
b. Grades and assessments given by a teacher currently certified by the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board or another state. These grades shall be sent to the UCSD # 1 Activities office by Monday of each week the home school student is participating in an activity. All eligibility requirements used for enrolled students will be used to determine weekly eligibility of home school students. Failure to receive these grades on a weekly basis will make the home school student ineligible for the week.


2) Comply with the drug testing program required for participation in all UCSD #1 sanctioned activities by submitting to random drug tests issued by trained UCSD #1 personnel. (Policy JFGA) Home school students will be notified by phone the day of a random drug test. Following this notification, students will then have two (2) hours to report to the high school to be tested. Failure to appear for the scheduled drug test within the allocated time frame will result in the student’s suspension from participating in UCSD #1 competitions for a period of one (1) week. If students fail to appear over three times in any one activity they shall be suspended from that activity for the remainder of that season and all other activities for the remainder of the school year. Parents may choose to use other outside certified drug testing companies at their expense to comply with these requirements and must be done with results delivered to the Activities Office within two (2) days of notification. The administration of the drug test and consequences for a positive test result shall be determined by the drug testing policy for UCSD #1 (Policy JFGA).


3) Show proof of all immunizations required by law for students enrolled in the school district. Per Policy JHCB waivers for immunization may be obtained from the state or county health officer upon submission of religious or medical contradictions to the administration of any vaccine.


4) Pay the same fees as those students who are enrolled as full time students, including, but not limited to the one hundred dollar affiliate membership fee per home school.



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