Uinta County School District #1

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Adoption Date: 1/1/1978, Revised: 9/12/1989; 10/14/97

The Board of Trustees of Uinta County School District Number One is required by law to offer homebound instruction for each pupil of the district who is hospitalized or homebound for more than one week (five(5) consecutive school days), because of injury or illness. Homebound instructional services shall be provided to students of the District during the school year utilizing the following guidelines:

1. Homebound instruction shall be provided only to those students who are hospitalized or homebound, because of illness or injury.

2. The parent or guardian of the student in need of homebound services shall provide the District with the written approval of the physician treating the child authorizing the services to be provided, before a request for services will be honored.

3. In each instance, the physician must certify that the student will be unable to attend school for the specified length of time and that he/she is capable of receiving home instruction. The physician shall also be asked to give an estimate of the probable length of the student’s convalescence.

4. A parent may and should request homebound instruction as soon as it is known that the student’s illness is expected to exceed five consecutive school days, so that the instruction may begin as soon as the student is able to receive it.

5. Homebound instruction, although correlated with what the student is missing in the classroom, shall be geared to the student’s needs and what the student is capable of doing during the illness.


6. Homebound instruction shall be limited to the instruction provided while the student is enrolled in the public schools of Uinta County School District Number One.


7. Textbooks and appropriate materials shall be provided by the School. Homebound teachers shall be compensated at a rate established by the Board.

NOTE: State Board Policy

The Division of Administrative Services is authorized to reimburse school districts in an amount up to five-eighths (5/8ths) of the total amount paid by the district for the cost of home-to-school telephone service. This grant is in addition to the amount allowable under School Foundation regulations for the teacher of the homebound child.



Policy References:
W.S. 21-4-402