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Adoption Date: 1/1/1978, Revised: 9/12/1989; 04/21/2009


Uinta County School District Number One endorses the concept that student activities are a vital part of a well-balanced educational program and should be used as a means to develop wholesome attitude and self-esteem as well as knowledge and skills for students. Student activities are intended to enhance the physical, social, emotional, artistic and intellectual growth of the students participating in these activities.


The Board encourages a broad and balanced program of activities geared to various ages, interests and needs of students. The Board recognizes that the purpose of certain co-curricular and extracurricular contests is to determine a winner. It is not the Board’s desire, however, to emphasize winning at all costs. Other factors, such as the motivation (including giving students a sense of achievement), the teaching of fundamentals, effective communications with the various constituencies, establishment of respect and demonstration of mature judgment, are more important than a winning record.


Advisors, sponsors and coaches involved in the training or supervision of these students should be skilled in the teaching of fundamentals of their particular activity, in motivating students and in effectively communicating with students and parents.


Activities for students shall include:


  1. Extracurricular activities, which are defined as those the Wyoming High School Activity Association (WHSAA) sponsor and school related activities occurring outside the regular classroom and/or outside regular school hours.


  1. Co-curricular activities, which are defined as those school sponsored and school related activities which are an extension of the classroom and are an integral part of a particular course of study.


  1. School endorsed activities which are defined as those school sponsored activities and school related activities which occur outside of the typical school day and for which have a fully assigned faculty sponsor.


All school activities shall have adequate advisor, sponsor or coaching supervision at all times. At least one or more faculty members shall be responsible for any activity. All school endorsed activities shall have an adult sponsor who shall be approved by the building principal and is properly certified if such certification is necessary. The sponsor shall be present at all meetings or events that are held by or in conjunction with the activity. If the sponsor is absent, no activity or meeting shall be conducted, held or participated in.


Extracurricular Activities (WHSAA):


  1. Transportation to and from extracurricular events shall be scheduled and funded by the District. Trips that require overnight accommodations shall be funded by the District. The Activities Office and coach or sponsor shall endeavor to seek clean and affordable accommodations.


  1. Meals will not be provided for participants except at culminating events (District, Regional, and State Competitions). At culminating events, one meal a day will be provided at the expense of the District.


  1. All students participating in extracurricular activities shall meet and maintain all eligibility requirements Imposed by the WHSAA or the District for participation in such activity.


  1. Travel, fees, and meals for national events (those WHSAA recognized events and those having qualifying criteria such as District, State, and/or Regional competitions) shall be paid by the District. Only the qualifying student and the Sponsor or Coach’s expenses shall be paid.


  1. In case of a mixed gender activity, the Coach, Sponsor or Advisor shall make proper arrangements for travel and accommodations in accordance with District policy and activity participation guidelines.


  1. No student shall be deprived of participation in or admission to any extracurricular activity because of his inability to pay the fees or expenses involved. The building principal shall seek to ensure that such students can participate.

Co curricular and School Endorsed Activities:

  1. The costs of travel, lodging, and meals shall be the responsibility of the group of participating students or the participating students. Prior permission to engage in the activity must be obtained by the advisor or sponsor from the building principal. In scheduling any activity, critical academic dates (such as PAWS testing, final weeks, and/or end of quarter/semester) must be considered so that the activity does not conflict with those dates. Any such conflict shall be grounds to deny the activity.


  1. Travel requiring an overnight stay must be approved by the building principal and the Superintendent (or his designee).   Travel outside of a 350 mile radius must be approved by the building principal, the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees.


  1. Only students active in the specific activity group and sponsors will be approved to attend the event. In case of a mixed gender activity, the Coach, Sponsor or Advisor shall make proper arrangements for travel and accommodations in accordance with District policy and activity participation guidelines.


  1. Any request for travel under this subsection shall be made on travel or trip request forms provided by the District. Any request shall, at a minimum, include the cost per student, travel specifications, list of sponsors, fund raising activities, and be based on an educational purpose (Theory of Action). All students traveling to these events must be students in good standing as identified by the building principal and/or the classroom teachers. All participants must have signed parent approval and completed emergency forms as part of the travel or trip request.



Current Practice Codified 1978