CTE Civil Rights Review » Table of Contents

Table of Contents

CTE Civil Rights Review
  1. Notices & Policies
    1. Annual Public Announcement to general public (non-discrimination statement)
    2. CTE continuous nondiscrimination statement in district and school publications
      1. Student handbooks (EHS & HHS)
      2. Course Catalogs (EHS & HHS)
      3. Employee Handbooks (bookmark page)
        1. Certified Staff
        2. Support Staff
    3. Student and employee grievance procedures for Title IX, and Section 504/Title II
    4. School districts affirmative action policies, if applicable
    5. Special Education Policies and Procedures (link on website, if applicable)
    6. Section 504 Policies and Procedures (link on website, if applicable)
    7. English Learners Policies and Procedures (link on website, if applicable)
    8. Board Policies:
      1. Nondiscrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures
      2. Report of Nondiscrimination
      3. Equal Education Opportunities/Nondiscrimination
      4. Equal Education Opportunities/Nondiscrimination - Procedure for Filing
      5. Report of Harassment
      6. Prohibition Against Harassment and Retaliation
      7. Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
  2. Administrative Documentation
    1. Description of available Equipment or Resources for services for students and parents who have visual or hearing impairments, and/or for programs for the general public.
    2. List of CTE classrooms and/or laboratories where adaptive equipment is provided for students with disabilities.
    3. Training Certificates from professional development activities for employees responsible for Title IX and Sections 504.
    4. Participation numbers of students with disabilities in Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSO), athletics, and other extracurricular activities.
  3. Demographic Data
    1. Demographics of CTE Staff: Gender, Race, and Disability Status along with program taught.
    2. Demographics of CTE Students: Gender, Race, Disability Status
      1. District
      2. EHS
      3. HHS
      4. Internship (any student at EHS and HHS that was enrolled in a CTE Internship)
    3. Number of Students with IEPs, 504s, ELLs, & Total Student Population
      1. District
      2. EHS
      3. HHS
    4. Scholarships and Financial Materials
      1. The last three years demographic data on EVERY student that received scholarships (local & other).
  4. Employee Documentation
    1. Copies of blank school district employment application for each of the following:
      1. Administrative
      2. Teaching
      3. Support Positions
    2. A sampling of job announcements/postings for administrative, teaching, and support positions over the past two years.
      1. Administrative
      2. Teaching
      3. Support Positions
    3. A copy of the district's hiring, promotion, retention, and tenure policies and procedures.
  5. Student Documentation
    1. Application and/or Admissions Forms (for any program that requires application for admission)
    2. Recruitment and Promotional Materials (related to CTE)
    3. Student Course Selection Registration Materials (EHS/HHS)
    4. School District/School Curriculum Guides (School-level Course Offerings)
  6. Work-Based Learning Opportunities
    1. Description of Work-Based Learning Opportunities offered
    2. If applicable, copies of written agreement used with employers for WBL, cooperative education, and/or work study programs.
      1. Training agreement
      2. Copy of Cooperative Education Training Plans
      3. A sample of completed cooperative education workplace evaluation forms, including site assignments, hours of work and job assignments.
  7. School Data
    1. List of CTE Teachers, Room Numbers, Current Master Schedule
    2. Copy of Bell Schedules with Type of Schedule