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Evanston is nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Uinta Mountains at an elevation of 6,794 feet above sea level. The community is located on the banks of the winding Bear River in the far southwest corner of Wyoming.

The growing city of approximately 12,000 people is the most southwesterly city in Wyoming. It is only three miles east of the Utah/Wyoming border and only an hour and a half away from Salt Lake City.

Residents say Evanston's location is ideal in that it combines the advantages of living in a big city with the atmosphere of a small town.

Precipitation averages 11.26 inches per year with a mean annual snowfall of 54.7 inches.

For more information about what Evanston has to offer, call the Evanston Chamber of Commerce at 789-0370.



The first public school opened on July 8, 1870 with eight pupils. Today's enrollment averages just under 3,000. Curriculum guides for each course, subject and grade level are continuously being developed and updated by a task force of teachers and administrators. Areas of emphasis are determined by the dictates of the community, students, teachers, administrators, and sound financial management.

The goals of achieving both educational excellence and a strong competitive co-curricular program of activities go hand in hand in the Evanston School Community. Evanston athletic teams are often contenders in State play-offs. During the past few years, several athletic teams have won State Championships. The Evanston School Community boasts award winning bands and choirs, drama groups, and speech and debate teams.



2015........................................... 557
2016........................................... 556
2017........................................... 544
2018........................................... 554
2019........................................... 529




(Includes employees hired through grants)

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Degree Beginning Maximum
Bachelors $46,400 $70,400
Masters $49,400 $71,900
MA+30/Ed.S. $50,900 $72,650
Ed.D./Ph.D. $51,650 $73,400


*School District pays the district's 14.44% and pays 3.18% toward employees' share of Wyoming retirement and provides health, dental and vision insurance coverage at a minimal cost to the employee


Uinta County School District No. One currently operates one high school, one alternative high school, two middle schools, and four elementary schools amounting to a total of 987,510 square feet of educational space. Our facilities are kept attractive by a full staff of custodial, maintenance and grounds experts.



The Evanston School Community has a fleet of approximately 35 buses and 6 mpv’s to provide transportation and support to the students and educational system. These buses accommodate an average of 1,553 students riding about 1,321 miles each day. The Transportation Director supervises a staff of more than 60 employees, including 26 regular bus drivers that cover 39 routes per day. Each driver receives a minimum of 40 hours of training each year. The District provides a program for driver certification. Each bus is equipped with a UHF radio, which allows for immediate contact with the Transportation Center, the Educational Service Center, and other buses in the event of an emergency and to help coordinate services



The District Food Service Department takes great pride in the Central Kitchen from which they operate. They are able to prepare and satellite an average of 2,300 student and adult breakfasts and lunches daily.

They have a staff of 38 certified staff members who take a sincere interest in your children and the meals they serve. They satellite to one high school, one alternative school, four elementary and two middle schools.

The hot breakfast and lunch program is provided for the benefit and convenience of students and their parents. Free and Reduced meals are available to students who qualify. Applications are available in each school office or through the Educational Service Center.

  Breakfast Lunch
Elementary $2.00 $2.80
Middle School $2.00 $3.10
High School $2.00 $3.40
Horizon High School $2.00 $3.40
Adults $2.25 $4.25
(These prices are subject to change)


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School Mascot Colors
Evanston High School Red Devil Red/White/Blue
Horizon High School Phoenix Blue/Silver
Davis Middle School Demons Red/White
Evanston Middle School Wolverines Blue/White
Aspen Elementary Tigers Black/Orange
Clark Elementary Mustangs Red/White
North Evanston Elementary Stars Yellow/Blue
Uinta Meadows Elementary Eagles Blue/White