Adoption Date: 2/10/1970, Revised: 6/13/1991

Uinta County School District Number One Board of Trustees recognizes that for the personal welfare of the infant and parent, as well as to safeguard instructional stability and quality education within the classroom, it may become necessary to approve Parental leave requests for employees. Therefore, at the Board’s discretion, a parental Leave of up to one school year may be granted an employee during any period of temporary disability caused or contributed to by pregnancy, miscarriage or childbirth. The status of each Parental Leave shall be reviewed every ninety (90) calendar days.

During Parental Leave an employee may request Sick Leave or an unpaid Leave of Absence. An employee who requests a Parental Leave shall, at the employee’s option, be deemed to be on Sick Leave and shall receive benefits that would be provided under the provisions of Sick Leave or unpaid leave, which would not provide the employee with any District paid benefits. In either instance, all benefits to which the employee was entitled to at the time the Parental Leave began, such as salary schedule status, seniority and unused leave entitlements, shall be restored when the employee returns to work. The returning employee will be assigned to a position within his or her area of certification but not necessarily to the original position.

Except in emergency, the employee shall request, in writing, Parental leave early enough before the start of the leave to provide the district with appropriate time to secure a suitable replacement for the employee during the time to leave. Reasonable written notice of intent to return from leave shall also be provided the District so as to insure a professional transition back into the work setting.

The Administration may request a doctor’s certificate that certifies the employee is physically capable of returning to a full assigned work schedule prior to permitting the employee to return from parental Leave.

The same procedures that apply to Parental Leave shall apply to an employee who legally adopts a child.

In the event both parents are employed by the School District, only one employee at a time will be granted Parental Leave.

Current practice codified: 1979


Policy References:
W.S. 21-7-103