Adoption Date: 3/29/1978, Revised: 2/13/1990

It is the desire of the Board of Trustees to attract and retain competent, qualified personnel for the public school of Uinta County School District Number One through the District’s working conditions, salary schedule and compensation plans.

All compensation shall be at rates established by the Board. Members of the teaching staff and other certified employees shall be paid uniformly with all like employees based on the established salary schedule. The Board shall review the salary schedule annually. Although the Board does not carry out formal negotiations with any staff units, it recognizes the Evanston Education Association as the organization that may present salary requests on behalf of the teaching staff as a whole. The Board’s practice is to meet voluntarily with staff representatives to discuss matters of salary and benefits. However, no formal agreement shall be entered into.

The Superintendent shall establish administrator’s salaries within guidelines set by the Board.

Individual Contracts

The Wyoming Teacher Employment Law defines the status of teacher contracts, the procedures for renewing or terminating teacher contracts, the rights and responsibilities of teachers and the Board in the area of contracts and the procedure for suspension, dismissal or termination of a teacher. All terms and conditions of contracts with certificated staff members shall conform with these requirements.


Employment of initial contract teachers on annual basis; notice of termination to such teachers. An initial contract teacher who has taught in the system continuously for a period of at least ninety (90) days shall be hired on an annual basis and shall be notified in writing of termination, if such is the case, no later than April 15 of each year.

Notice of recommendation of termination to continuing contract teacher; when termination effective. A continuing contract teacher shall be notified of a recommendation of termination by the superintendent or any member of the board by giving such teacher written notice thereof, together with written reasons therefore on or before April 15 of any year.

Resignation of teachers. Any teacher may resign his position, effective at the end of the school year, by giving written notice on or before May 15 of any year, to the superintendent of schools or any other designated official, of his desire tot to be employed by the school district for the following year.

When contract offered to and accepted by initial contract teacher. The Board must offer a contract for the ensuing year to each initial contract teacher if such is to be offered by April 15 and it must be accepted by May 15 of each year or the position will be declared open.

Part-Year Contracts

When teachers are employed as regular classroom teachers, not as substitutes, to commence work after the beginning of the school year for a period less than a full year, their total compensation, including salary for summer months, shall be in accordance with the number of days worked and based on the daily rate of their placement on the current teacher’s salary schedule.



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