Adoption Date: 2/10/1970, Revised: 9/9/2008; 06/12/1990; 07/6/00; 11/2000; 03/13/2001


All short term leaves of absence from work, except sick leave, must be approved by the Superintendent or his designee prior to the occurrence of the absence except in verified cases of emergencies.  Unexcused absences or "leave without pay" for any certified employee will result in a reduction of a day's pay from their salary for each day missed.  For the purposes of this policy a day's pay will be calculated by dividing the employee's total contract amount by the total number of contract days.  For the purposes of all short term absences outlined in this policy, immediate family shall be defined as meaning the employee's mother, father, step-mother, step-father, sister, brother, step-sister, step-brother, spouse, children, stepchildren, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandchildren, grandparents and, with prior approval of the Superintendent under extenuating circumstances additional family members may be included.

Sick Leave

All full time certified employees of the District shall accrue one day (8 hours) of sick leave per month up to ten days (80) hours) of accrued sick leave in any given 180 day contract period.  All permanent part-time certified employees shall accrue sick leave on a pro-rated basis proportionate to contracted days/time.  All full time twelve month certified employees shall accrue one day (8) hours) of sick leave for each month while under contract up to twelve days (96 hours) in any given contract year.  Sick leave may be accumulated to a maximum of 180 days (1,440 hours) within any school term.

Certified employees may request and have approved sick leave for personal and/or immediate family's illness or medical appointment.  Approved sick leave shall be deducted on an hour for hour basis from the employee's accrued sick leave balance.

Sick leave is approved only upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools; however, appeals from his decision may be made directly to the Board of Trustees if made within 31 days of such deduction.  In the case of apparent abuse of the sick leave provision, the Superintendent may require a doctor's certificate of illness, costs of such certificate to be borne by the employee.  (Board action 2/10/70).

Bereavement Leave:

Each certified employee may be granted up to three days of Bereavement Leave for each request, non-accumulative, in the event of death, within the immediate family.  At the discretion of the Superintendent, two additional days of Bereavement Leave may be granted or extended for reasons of extenuating
circumstances.  Such extensions may or may not be granted with pay, depending upon the circumstances.  All extensions of Bereavement Leave must be approved by the Superintendent prior to being taken.  If an employee is required to be away from their assigned duties beyond the five days set forth above, they may gain permission to utilize a maximum of five additional days by making a formal request to the Superintendent.  The additional days require prior approval and will be deducted from the employee's Sick Leave.

Jury Duty/Subpoena Leave:

Jury Duty leaves of absence, with full pay, are allowed for Jury Duty.  Any compensation received by the employee for jury duty performed on contract days, will be endorsed and signed over to the District through the Business Office.  An employee who is dismissed from jury duty prior to 12:00 p.m. must report back to his/her assignment.

The superintendent may request that an employee be excused from jury service or that service be delayed, if the special nature of the employee's qualifications or assignment would make it difficult to secure an adequate substitute, or if the timing of the proposed jury service seriously disrupts the educational program of the district.

Subpoena leaves of absence, with pay, shall be granted for an employee who is subpoenaed to testify in an official proceeding except as provided below:

If the proceeding involves the employee as a person being grieved against or being the griever for a non-district issue, leave shall be considered as being either personal leave or leave without pay (divorce, criminal, IRS, etc.).

Any compensation received by the employee for Subpoena purposes will be endorsed and signed over to the District through the Business Office.

Military Leave:

Request for leave for annual Reserve Duty, or initial training of reservists, must be requested on an individual basis through the Human Resources Office.  Although the District is only required to release an individual for up to fifteen (15) days per year, the District will consider requests beyond that time.

The District will release an employee for fifteen (15) days with pay under the provisions of Military Leave.  Leaves that exceed fifteen days or accumulation of Military Leave during any one fiscal year that exceeds fifteen days must have prior approval by the Board of Trustees and is without pay.
Personal Leave
Each full-time certificated employee may be granted two days (16 hours), accumulative to five days (40 hours), of Personal Leave with full pay and benefits each contract year.  Part-time certificated employees will be granted personal days on a pro-rated basis.
It is the intent of Personal Leave to provide the certificated employee with a means of dealing with personal matters that cannot be handled outside of the regular workday.
Professional Leave
Two days (16 hours) of professional leave, accumulative to five days (40 hours) will be granted to each certificated employee for each school year upon approval by the Superintendent.  These days may be requested through the approved leave request process.  The purpose of this leave is to provide an employee with the opportunity to participate in professional experiences that will improve their abilities to serve the students and/or staff of Uinta County School District Number One.  The District has no financial responsibilities beyond the cost of a substitute and the employee's salary during the leave.
Professional Leave for EEA/WEA Activities
At the beginning of each school year, the Evanston Education Association shall be credited with fifteen days of Professional Leave to be used by teachers who are officers or agents of the Association.  Such days are not to be accrued from one school year to the next.  Any single individual may not exceed five days of leave per year.  All Evanston Education leave must be requested in advance through the established District process for requesting/approving leave.
At the beginning of each school year, the Wyoming Education Association shall be credited with fifteen days of Professional Leave to be used by employees who are elected officers of Wyoming Education Association.  The leave granted under this section shall be the total leave available for all elected officers of the Wyoming Education Association and not leave for each elected officer.  Such days are not to be accrued from one school year to the next.  Approval and scheduling of WEA leave must be accomplished well in advance and is dependent upon agreement of the Wyoming Education Association to pay for substitute costs associated with such leave.  The leave provided for in this section shall not be used as additional leave for Evanston Education Association Leave under this policy.

Portions Adopted: 02/10/70 and date of manual adoption
Policy Revised: 06/12/90; 07/6/00; 11/2000; 03/13/2001, 09/09/08
LEGAL REFS: Wyoming Education Policies Reference Manual, code GCBD
CROSS REFS: DLB, Salary Reductions                                                                       GCBC, Professional Staff Fringe Benefits (clause pertains to severance pay for unused sick leave days).




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