Adoption Date: 6/14/1977, Revised: 9/12/1989; 05/14/2013

It is the desire of the Board of Trustees that all staff members be involved in decision making for the school district, as long as such involvement does not infringe upon any of the legal responsibilities of the Board or the administration. Regular faculty meetings will be held and important decisions will be presented to staff for their information and response.

In the development of regulations and arrangements for the operation of the school system, the superintendent shall seek to include, whenever feasible, those employees who will be affected by such provisions.

The superintendent will ensure that each building administrator and each director establishes a process by which meaningful participation by the professional staff is sought during every phase of decision making. The process should recognize and further the school faculty’s collective sense of responsibility for school-wide student performance.

Staff involvement in decision making at the school or department level will include – as appropriate to areas, programs and schools – involvement in:

  • School Improvement Efforts;
  • Policy development;
  • Administrative rules development;
  • Budget planning;
  • Facilities planning; and,
  • Curriculum planning.

In the development of rules, regulation and arrangements for the operation of the school system, the superintendent will include at the planning stage, whenever feasible, those employees who will be affected by such provisions.

The professional staff will be given full opportunity and encouragement to contribute to curriculum development and to the development of policies and regulations pertaining to the instructional program.

Each administrator will maintain channels for receiving feedback with both the professional and support staff. It is recommended that annually the district staff have the opportunity to provide feedback to their building administrator or department director focusing on school improvement efforts, building or department goals, and their involvement in the decision making process related to their building or department. The tool used to collect this feedback can be selected by the district or an informal tool selected by the administrator with or without the option for anonymity.

The purpose of this feedback is to provide the administrator with formative information for professional growth, feedback on school improvement efforts, and an opportunity for staff to express concerns and to recognize the building’s or department’s accomplishments.

The superintendent, with the assistance of all staff, will maintain channels for the communication regarding the operation of the schools. This may be accomplished using a survey developed for that specific purpose or by direct involvement with students, staff, administration, and the community. He or she will weigh, with care, the feedback given, especially that given by groups designated to represent large segments of the staff and will inform the Board of all such counsel in presenting recommendations for Board action.


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