Adoption Date: 2/13/1990, Revised: 2/13/1990

Orderly administration of the school district requires the compilation of information about all employees. Therefore, it is the intent of the Board of Trustees to maintain complete and current personnel files for all current and past district employees. There will be one personnel file for each employee of the district.

The personnel file of an individual employee will be considered confidential information and will be available only to authorized personnel and to the employee. An employee’s personnel file will not be made available to individuals other than authorized personnel and the employee except in accordance with the law.

Every employee, upon formal request to the Superintendent or the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, will have the right during regular working hours to inspect his/her personnel file in the presence of an authorized district employee. Upon request, all parts of the employee’s personnel file will be made available to the employee, with the exception of the following ratings, reports and records:

1. Those obtained prior to the employment of the individual, including confidential placement papers and other records obtained under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended by Public Law 93-380.

2. Those obtained in connection with a promotional examination or review.

Information of a derogatory nature (except as may appear in [1] and [2] above) will not be entered or filed in the employee’s file until the employee is given notice and an opportunity to review the information and comment thereon. The employee will have the right to append a reply to the statement, which will be included in the file.

Release of Information

The school district will not give the names and addresses to anyone unless State/Federal statute permits or a ruling from the courts so mandates. Employees or former employees may authorize the release of salary or other employment related information to a specific business or lending institution. If such authorization has not been given to the office of the Superintendent, requests for this information will be declined until authorization to release said information is granted in writing by the employee.




Distribution of Staff Directories

The distribution of staff directories in which the names and addresses of employees are listed will be restricted. They will be distributed only in a manner that makes a significant contribution to the operation of the schools. No directory will be distributed without approval of the Superintendent and under no circumstance will a directory be released to a political or commercial organization.


Current practice codified: 1978