Adoption Date: 10/18/1988, Revised: 2/13/1990; 6/10/08



Uinta County School District Number One shall operate a school lunch program in all of the schools of the District. The school lunch program shall be under the direct supervision of the Director of Food Services, who shall report to the Superintendent.

The District’s food service program will operate as an integral part of the total school program and will be governed by the same principles and types of control as any other division. Program leadership, direction and supervision at all levels are the responsibilities of professionally trained staff. The school food services director is charged with administering the total program, implementing Board Policy, as it pertains to school food services and making recommendations pertaining to the program and food service personnel to the Superintendent or designee. Food service personnel in the schools will be directly responsible to the food service director and the building principal.

The District’s food services program will be operated as efficiently as possible and will comply with all rules and regulations pertaining to health, sanitation, internal accounting procedures and service of foods. The District and individual building level programs shall meet all state and federal requirements necessary for participation in state and federal programs.

The building principal of each school shall be responsible for working cooperatively with the Director of Food Services in administering the food service program in the individual school building. Where possible, the principal will provide for correlation of the program with areas of instruction. The principal will be responsible for maintenance of discipline in the cafeteria or lunchroom.

School food service receipts will be used only to pay regular food services and operating costs. When food service facilities are used by outside agencies an appropriate fee may be charged. If facilities are used for other than the regular program, the manager will ensure that no supplies provided for the regular program or USDA commodities are used.

The Board of Trustees shall approve the process set for all reimbursable meals.

As required for participation in the national school food service program, the Board agrees to the following regulations:

  1. That reimbursable meals are made available for all students.
  2. That free or reduced price meals be provided to students whose parents have completed the appropriate application and have been approved.
  3. That the meals available to students meet USDA nutritional standards. At both elementary and high school levels, food items sold in the public schools will be approved by the food services department and will be only those food items approved for sale in schools by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Students also shall be permitted to bring their lunches from home and to purchase milk.


Current practice codified 1978

Policy References:
W.S. 21.1-27(k), and 21.1-184 through 21.1-190 (old)


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