Adoption Date: 7/14/1975, Revised: 11/10/2015; 02/14/84, 07/12/88, 11/10/92, 07/12/95, 03/11/08

Uinta County School District Number One Board of Trustees shall insure that student

transportation services as required by Wyoming Statute and/or Wyoming State Board Educational Policy shall be provided to all eligible students within the District. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to provide Student Transportation Services not specifically required by Wyoming Statute and/or Wyoming State Board Educational Policy when in the judgment of the Board of Trustees such services are in the best educational interest of the students and District resources are available to provide such services.

The Board of Trustees may direct the Superintendent to establish designated walk and busing areas for Elementary, Middle School or High School students in compliance with WDE Chapter 20 rules and regulations.

Any special education student who requires assistance in traveling to and from school may be granted special riding or mileage arrangements by the Board.


ISOLATION PAYMENTS - Relevant State Statutes:

W.S. 21-4-401. Transportation or Maintenance for isolated pupils.


(1)       The Board of Trustees of any school district within the state shall provide transportation or maintenance for isolated elementary, middle, junior high or high school pupils resident within the district, whenever it would be in the best interests of the affected children to provide transportation or maintenance than to establish a school to serve these pupils, and those isolated pupils resident pursuant to W.S. 21.4.501.  Amounts paid under this section shall be subject to subsections (d) and (e) of this section and shall not exceed the actual costs incurred by parents or pupils. 

(2)       The state superintendent may adopt reasonable rules and regulations pertaining to residence requirements establishing eligibility under this section and for provision of tuition and transportation or maintenance.  No person is eligible as an isolated pupil under this section unless the ability of the pupil’s parents or legal guardians to earn a substantial portion of the family income is directly related to and enhanced by the family residing in the isolated location.

Before any isolation payments for travel can be made, the parent will be responsible for transporting his child for the first two (2) miles necessary to the student’s scheduled school bus stop. This mileage is to be measured from the home of the student or parent. The Board will pay isolation mileage for transportation in compliance with current WDE rules and regulations.

In accordance with Wyoming State Board Policy EEAA, private transportation to and from the bus stop or the school shall be computed on the basis of the total number of miles traveled by the vehicle used in transporting the students to and from the bus stop or school per month (one or two round trips as necessary), substantiated by a daily log of the actual miles driven. This daily log is to accompany the voucher submitted to the District for payment. Log and vouchers figures are not to be based on the number of pupils transported but by the number of miles actually driven. The school district will only authorize isolation payments when students are picked up and dropped off at the bus stop closest to their residence.

Each isolation case shall be considered individually by the Board, and in cases where the Board’s transportation policies impose extreme hardship on students and/or parents the Board shall seek to negotiate a satisfactory solution.

When it is more feasible and/or economical to do so, the district also contracts for certain bus services in addition its own transportation system. All such contracts and procedures shall conform with requirements of the law and the State Department of Education.

Current Practice Codified: 1978


Policy References:
W.S. 21-4-401 (a) and 21-4-504Policy Cross References: