Adoption Date: 11/10/2015

Uinta County School District #1 has equipped all school buses with audio/video recording equipment to assist in providing a safe and secure environment when traveling on a bus. The objective of placing recording equipment on buses is to provide another means for drivers to maintain discipline, ensuring the safest and least stressful ride for students, and to determine appropriate corrective action and discipline for misbehavior on the bus.


  1. All buses equipped with video systems shall have a sign posted on the front bulkhead and on the back wall of the bus stating “THIS BUS MAY BE MONITORED BY AUDIO/VIDEO CAMERAS”. These recordings may be used in disciplinary actions for students, bus drivers, teachers, coaches, sponsors and other individuals on the bus.
  3. The cameras will operate all times when the ignition is on. Any operating functions that the video system is capable of may be used. These include but are not limited to, braking, speed, student warning lights, and the extension of the stop arm.
  5. Bus video may be reviewed at any time the Transportation Director or Superintendent(s) consider it necessary for discipline or randomly for other purposes, i.e. data collection, snapshots of behavior, traffic incidents, etc.
  7. Parents and district staff will be notified that cameras may be in use by inclusion in the Parent/Student Handbook, the Coaches/Sponsors Handbook, the Activity Handbook and other appropriate publications or memos by the School District.
  9. Preliminary viewing of video will be initiated only by the video request form, the Director, or law enforcement. Bus video review will only be by the person(s) on the bus at the time of the incident, one video technician, the Director or designated representative, and law enforcement when necessary.
  11. Video containing evidence of sexual misconduct or inappropriate action by students, staff or others involved will not be viewed after discovery and documentation of the incident, without prior permission of the Superintendent(s) or by a court order.
  13. Video request forms are to be turned in to the Director in the VIDEO REQUESTS letter box on the office door. Student discipline issues that must be addressed quickly may be turned into the secretary in the absence of the director. Any other viewing, unless it involves immediate safety, law enforcement, or direct and immediate need by a school or District administration official, will be tabled until return of the director.
  15. Bus video recordings are to be viewed only by the following persons:
  1. Designated Transportation Department staff, including the Transportation Director, office staff who will be involved in disciplinary actions and/or are designated to represent or support the Director, the bus driver and/or the bus aide and persons involved in the specific behavior being addressed.
  2. The school Principal or person designated to represent or support the Principal.
  3. Students, parents/guardians or district employees involved in the disciplinary actions.
  4. The Superintendent(s) and/or persons designated to represent them.
  5. The Uinta County School Board members.
  6. Law enforcement when their involvement is requested or necessary.
  7. Other appropriate parties at the Superintendent(s) discretion (district legal counsel, etc.).


  1. Video involving Uinta County School District #1 staff or students will not be released to the custody of anyone, regardless of need or official capacity, without a court order. Video of student warning light (stop arm) violations will be released to law enforcement as needed.
  3. Bus video to be used for training purposes must have permission of the person(s) involved and the Transportation Director.
  4. Any video recording which is determined to demonstrate possible violations of rules will be retained until the issue(s) in question are resolved.