A staff member may transport a student or a group of students in his own car only if he has standing authorization to do so, or if he has special permission covering a specific trip. Authorization is to be granted only when the staff member has a valid Wyoming Drivers license, the vehicle in which students are to be transported meets safety standards established by the State for the transportation of students, and insurance requirements established by the State of Wyoming for transporting students are met. In addition, the private vehicle used to transport students must be designed to carry less than ten (10) individuals, including the driver.

1. Standing Authorization: School administrators, school nurses and other pupil services personnel are granted standing authorization to transport students in their private vehicles for school-related purposes or in emergencies.

2. Special Authorization: Other professional staff members such as coaches, music teachers, activity sponsors or career education coordinators may, in exceptional cases, be granted special permission by the building principal to provide transportation to students in their private vehicles. "Exceptional cases" will be determined by review of the purpose of the trip, the number of students traveling, relative costs, safety factors, etc.

Building principals may also request that staff members use their private automobiles on a field trip or activity when a group is too small to justify the use of a bus or when a bus is not available. In these instances, the same guidelines will apply as when a parent/guardian is providing transportation for a school related activity in a private vehicle.

3. Parents/Guardians: Parents/Guardians shall not be asked to provide transportation for school-related activities, unless the special nature of the trip and/or its educational value to student(s) out weighs the obvious risk of such transportation. In no instance shall students be transported to school-related activities in private or leased vehicles without the expressed authorization of the building principal.

The parents/guardians of students to be transported in this manner shall be fully informed in advance and shall give their consent in writing to have their student transported in a private vehicle.


4. In no case shall students transport other students on school-related or school sponsored activities.

5. Special authorization to transport students on school-related activities in private vehicles by parents/guardians or school district employees shall be granted by the building principal only after the principal has verified compliance with the following criteria:

5.1 The designated driver has passed a driver's license check. The drivers license check is to be coordinated through the District’s Transportation Department.

5.2 The designated vehicle to be used for transporting students must have a valid Wyoming license, insurance coverage that meets established Wyoming Statute and School District Policy, and must pass all applicable aspects of the WDE School Bus Safety Inspection, form WDE 622.

5.3 The Transportation Department has forwarded copies of the Department of Revenue Drivers License check, verification of appropriate vehicle insurance coverage, and a completed WDE 622 report, reflecting that the vehicle to be used meets all standards identified on the WDE 622, to the following:

a. Superintendent

b. Building Principal requesting the travel

c. School District Insurance Agent

5.4 The building principal shall secure written authorization from the parent/guardian allowing their student to be transported on the specifically stipulated school-related activity, in stipulated vehicle, being driven by the specifically stipulated driver.


5.5 When an employee is designated to use his/her personal vehicle or is assigned to drive a district vehicle other than a school bus and is in possession of a valid out of state drivers license, the employee is responsible for securing a current copy of their out of state driving record. The Transportation Department has neither the authority nor the means to secure out of state driver’s license records for employees. All district employees are strongly urged to obtain a valid Wyoming driver’s license within thirty (30) days of employment with the district.

Employees with a valid driver’s license who will be driving their vehicles or designated district vehicle must contact the Transportation Department two (2) weeks prior to the expected trip in order for the drivers license check to be completed. If the intended trip is less than fourteen (14) calendar days then the employee will be required to personally go to the drivers license office in Evanston and pay the required fee to secure a copy of their current driving record. The Transportation Department has neither the authority nor means to locally obtain a copy of an employees driving record and all requests must be made in writing to the office in Cheyenne.

6. Individuals specifically authorized to transport students on school-related activities in private vehicles shall be compensated at the established School District mileage rate.



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