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EEBD Business Personnel Transportation Services

Adoption Date: 10/13/1992
Policy Amended: 08/24/2010; 03/05/2019 


Per Diem Allowance or Actual Expense Reimbursement for

Travel, Lodging, Meals and Gratuities Expense


Required Overnight Trips will include, but are not limited to, Meetings of the State Department of Education; State Associations; State and National Accreditation Meetings; Legislative Meetings; Litigation Hearings; School Facilities Meetings, Professional Development Activities, and, Safety Training and/or Licensing Meetings.  The Superintendent or designee will approve overnight trips.


When District Employees are required to travel on official business of the District, they are eligible for:


  1.      Reimbursement for actual expenses incurred (not to exceed approved per diem rate)
  2.      Use of authorized district credit card (employee responsible for charges above approved per diem rate)


When any District employee is required to travel on overnight trips, expenses are not to exceed a per diem allowance in lieu of lodging, meal and gratuity expenses incurred.


Per Diem Allowance for Required Overnight Trips


  1.      The per diem allowance for overnight travel will be based on the current General Services Administration (GSA) rate for the specific location. When specific location rates are not available, the “standard rate” for that state will apply.
  1.           GSA lodging rate (single occupancy)
  2.           GSA meals and incidentals rate
          B. Registration, seminar or conference fees are not included in per diem rate and can be direct billed or reimbursed
               following district procedures.
          C. The Superintendent may authorize actual expenses at a higher per diem limit when necessary. District employees will
               be reimbursed only up to the maximum stated in A (1 & 2) if this prior approval is not obtained.


    Higher per diem rate:

  1.           Lodging at actual expense
  2.           Meals and Incidentals - $75.00/day


District Credit Card


A  District credit card can be used for expenses incurred during required travel. Credit card use must follow procedures outlined in policy EEBD-R (Credit Card Use).


Transportation Expenses

When District Employees are required to travel in performance of their duties, they are entitled to receive travel reimbursement for all actual transportation expenses incurred as provided by one of the following:


  1.           Air Fare

     If common carrier transportation is used, the actual expense, not to exceed the economy fare charge, is

     reimbursable.  Actual expenses in excess of the economy fare may be reimbursed, if approved by the



II.Rental Car

     If rented, chartered or contracted vehicle transportation is used; reimbursement will be limited to the actual charge

     for the rented, chartered or contracted vehicle.  The vendor’s original official receipt for charges shall accompany

     the reimbursement claim when submitted.  Justification for using such transportation must accompany the voucher

     when submitted for payment.

               III.When Private Vehicle Transportation is Used

     A mileage allowance is authorized as reimbursement for each mile actually traveled with the use of a private

     vehicle.  Travel will be reimbursed at the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) rate using the official Wyoming Highway

     Map and the District Mileage Chart.


               IV.Allowance for Mileage When Private Vehicle Used for In-District Business

     Mileage (travel within the School District) is authorized for reimbursement when conducting official District

     business.  The mileage claimed must be itemized and approved by the Superintendent or designee.  The mileage

     will be reimbursed at the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) rate.


               V. Parking, Taxi, and Toll fees:

     Reimbursement is authorized for actual but necessary vehicle parking fees, toll fees and taxi fares.  Fines resulting

     from parking violations or traffic violations are the responsibility of the employee who incurred such fines.


               VI.Reimbursement for Required Travel which does NOT Mandate Overnight Stay

     Employees, who are required to travel out-of-town in performance of their duties and use their private vehicles, will

     be reimbursed at the I.R.S. rate.  In addition, employees will be reimbursed the current General Services 

     Administration (GSA) rate for the specific location.  When specific location rates are not available, the “standard

     rate” for that state will apply for the “one-day” of required travel.




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