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Adoption Date: 7/12/1988, Revised: 4/9/2013

Uinta County School District Number One will treat all suicidal talk, threats and attempts seriously and will make every effort to insure that a student receives the help needed.


  1. Life Threatening Attempt at School
  2. Immediately call 911 for assistance.
  3. Contact school administrator, member of Crisis Intervention Team and Resource Officer immediately.
  4. The administrator will contact the parent/guardian immediately.
  5. A member of the SIT (Suicide Intervention Team - of which
    school counselors, school psychologists and social workers are members) will follow-up at the hospital and complete incident
  6. A member of the SIT will conduct a follow-up meeting with the
    parent/guardian and student to determine present condition of the student and to request the parent/guardian to develop a plan of support.
  7. Potential Suicidal Risk, Threat or Attempt
  8. When a staff member or other personnel becomes aware of a
    potentially suicidal student, they should notify an administrator
  9. Administration will notify one or two people from the SIT. A
    member of the team will contact the student as soon as The SIT will assess the situation; determine the scope of the problem and the immediacy of the concern.
  10. A member of the SIT will contact the parent/guardian to inform them of the situation and request that they come to school as soon as possible. The team will assist the parent/guardian and student after they have adopted a specified course of action (utilize incident form). If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted or the parent/guardian refuses to follow an appropriate course of action, the SIT will contact the county mental health provider and law enforcement and request their Other agencies will be contacted and involved as necessary.
  11. A member of the SIT will monitor the student, the situation and the support plan. This person will complete the file and the Incident Form.

*** This policy will be modified on a case-by-case basis if deemed appropriate and necessary by the SIT.