Adoption Date: 1/1/1978

It shall be the goal of the Board of Education to secure the complete cooperation of the entire community, including law enforcement and public health authorities, in establishing and maintaining good student conduct in the public schools. The administration shall enforce established rules of conduct so that the school day is free from disruption and that students are not disturbed in their studies.

The building principal shall be the constituted authority for the school. Included in the authority of the principal shall be the specific power to suspend students for infraction of rules of conduct in keeping with law and Board policy in this area.

Responsibilities of students

A. Each student is required by law to be in regular attendance at school and in class.

B. Each student shall be responsible for regulating his own behavior in accordance with school rules and common sense.

C. Each student shall be responsible for contributing to the maintenance of an environment which is conducive to learning and shall be expected to show due respect to other persons and to property.

D. Each student shall bear responsibility for maintaining public health and safety on school property.

E. It shall be the responsibility of each student to make constructive contributions to his school and to report fairly the circumstances of school-related issues.

F. Each student may, in return, expect his full share of the time, talent and resources of the school district and can expect all matters pertaining to him and his schooling to be handled in an ethical and professional manner, taking full note of the student’s rights as a citizen.


Individual School Rules

Each elementary and secondary school shall prepare concise, clear and reasonable rules and guidelines for student conduct in that school. These rules shall be submitted to the superintendent for his review and shall be submitted by him to the Board of Education for review and endorsement. School rules, endorsed by the Board, shall be distributed to students and their parents in written form.

Individual school rules shall be consistent with district policy and state law; and, shall be similar in tone and intent among all schools with similar age groups.

School rules shall be reviewed toward the end of each year by the principal of the individual school. Any revised rules shall be submitted to the Board through the superintendent.


Current practice codified 1978