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Adoption Date: 8/9/1977, Revised: 5/22/2007



The Board of Trustees of Uinta County School District Number One is fully aware of the necessity for regular attendance if maximum benefit and student achievement is to be realized from a successful school program. It is believed there is a direct correlation between poor attendance, low student achievement, and student success. It is the belief of the Board of Trustees that regular attendance, promptness and dependability are essential characteristics that must be cultivated and developed within students in order to enhance success at school.

At the beginning of each school year, the Board of Trustees or their designee shall furnish each district attendance officer a list of names of the children of compulsory school age within the District who are enumerated on the regular enumeration lists. The classroom teacher shall maintain a record of pupil attendance and shall report all absences to the building attendance office each period on a daily basis.

If a student is absent, the parent or guardian is requested to call the school office to report the absence as soon as possible the day of the absence. If it is impossible for the parent or guardian to call the school office to notify them of the student’s absence, the parent or guardian is required to send a written excuse to the classroom teacher or building principal with the student upon return to school. If a student misses one or more periods and the parent or guardian has not contacted the school office to notify them of the student’s absence, an attempt will be made by this school to notify the parent or guardian of the student’s absence immediately.

It shall be the duty of the designated building attendance officer to:

(i) Counsel with students, parents, guardians or custodians and teachers; and to investigate the causes of unexcused and excessive absences;

(ii) Give written notice to the parent, guardian or custodian of any child having an unexcused absence or when attendance is affecting academic performance that the attendance of such child is required by law. If after such notice has been given, the child has an absence, which the attendance officer reasonably believes was due to the willful neglect or failure of the parent, guardian or custodian of the child, then he shall make and file a complaint against such parent, guardian or custodian of such child before a justice of the peace of the proper county or the district court for the violation of Section 48 of this article (21-4-104).

Note: It is recommended that written notice to the parent, guardian or custodian advising them of a child’s absences be sent within two (2) workdays following the determination of a child having additional absences.



Policy References:
WS 21-4-106; WS 21-4-104


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