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Adoption Date: 1/1/1978, Revised: 1/10/1989

Effective student discipline is a prerequisite to effective teaching and learning. Discipline is also an important part of the student’s total learning experience; constructive limits and controls are essential if children are to learn to participate effectively in a democratic society.

Discipline is intended to foster student growth while assuring each student of an acceptable environment in which to learn. In keeping with the philosophy that discipline is a means of teaching and that most effective teaching is done in a positive manner, disciplinary efforts are to be as positive as possible. Positive means of working with students include individual discussion and counseling; involvement of students in defining acceptable behavioral standards; involvement of the parent in cases where a student has repeatedly exhibited lack of responsibility or of self-discipline.

The Board delegates to the administration the responsibility for setting up procedures to deal with disciplinary problems and to maintain effective discipline and control in the schools. When positive efforts have not succeeded in correcting a student whose behavior int3erferes with the learning environment, the following corrective measures are authorized: (a) corporal punishment in accordance with Board regulations; (b) suspension of the pupil in accordance with Board regulations; (c) exclusion of the pupil in accordance with Board regulations.

- The basis for good discipline and the exercise of disciplinary authority rests on the concept of consistency and fairness.

- Every effort shall be made by administrators and the faculty to resolve problems of students through effective use of school district resources in cooperation with the students and their parents or guardians.

- The pupil has the right to be informed of the reasons for corrective measures taken. Corrective measures should always be based on the necessity of helping the pupil make a better adjustment to living.

- Every student shall be given the opportunity to contest facts and circumstances that may lead to disciplinary action of that student, or to contest the appropriateness of the action imposed.

All staff members are assured that the Board will stand behind them in all matters of discipline involving serious disruptive behavior and infraction of school rules.




Current Practice codified 1978


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