Adoption Date: 8/9/1977, Revised: 10/8/1991

Wyoming Statute 21-4-101 (a) (ii) defines a student as being a "Habitual Truant" when said child has accumulated five (5) or more unexcused absences in any one school year. In accordance with Wyoming Statute, when the Board of Trustees determines that a child is a "Habitual Truant," as defined by W.S. 21-4-101 (a) (ii), the Board or its attendance officer shall notify the District Attorney who shall then initiate proceedings in the interest of the child under the Juvenile Court Act (W.S. 14-6-201 through 14-6-243).


The Board of Trustees of Uinta County School District Number One defines "Truancy" as an unexcused absence, which indicates a willful and/or premeditated violation of the school’s attendance policies and regulations. In the case of any truancy, whether or not it can be classified as "habitual" under the terms of the Wyoming Statute, the building principal shall notify the student’s parent(s) or guardian of the truancy. In the event of a third truancy, the building principal shall arrange a conference with the student and his parent(s)/guardian in accordance with the Board’s attendance policy and regulations. The student shall be suspended until such a conference can be held.

In all cases of suspension or expulsion related to truancy or habitual truancy, the requirements of the Wyoming Statutes and Board Policy regarding student suspension and expulsion shall be strictly observed.

Note: This policy should be used in conjunction with Board Policy JED – Student Absences and Excuses and the regulations contained in JED-R.



Policy References:
W.S. 21-4-101 (a) (ii); W.S. 21-4-107