Adoption Date: 10/11/1988, Revised: 12/16/1997; 04/14/98; 03/09/99; 11/9/2010, 12/8/15


The Board of Trustees views the practice of having foreign exchange students attend Evanston High School as beneficial to both the exchange students and to the resident students. Therefore, the Board has agreed to support, in the form of official waivers of tuition, non-resident foreign exchange students under the following conditions:

  1. The District will accept a maximum of nine (9) students from other nations in exchange programs officially recognized by the Board of Trustees. The students may be enrolled in Evanston High School with the District retaining the right to maintain a balance of distribution between the countries of students requesting admission.
  2. Exchange programs recognized by the Board of Trustees are:

Academic Year in the USA (AYUSA)

American Intercultural Student Exchange

ASSE International Student Exchange Program

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Educational Foundation for Foreign Study

Educational Resources Developmental Trust

Forte International Exchange Association

International Cultural Exchange Services

International Fellowship

Nacel Open Door Student Exchange

Pacific Intercultural Exchange

Rotary International Youth Exchange

Youth for Understanding


  1. Other organizations will be considered upon their timely application for
    review by the superintendent. Application for permission to operate must be filed with the Superintendent's Office at least two (2) months in advance of any anticipated student placement.
  2.  Only those organizations officially accepted by the Board of Trustees will be allowed to place students under the tuition waiver provision. Participation in non-approved programs will be only on a tuition basis.
  3. No student will be enrolled until all standards for admission have been
    cleared through the Office of the Superintendent or designee. Information such as the student's name, nationality, age, sponsor's name and address, etc., will be supplied at that time.


  1. Admission of exchange students new to the United States will be made only at the beginning of the semester. All arrangements for admission in the fall semester must be concluded by August 1, prior to the beginning of the school term. All placement arrangements for admission to the second semester must be completed by December 1. No placements will be made during the course of a semester.
  2. Exchange students must agree to abide by the policies and regulations of the district and the high school they are attending.
  3. At the time of admission to the public schools of Evanston, the exchange student must be at least 16 years old but not older than 19 years of age.
    1. The District wishes to avoid, if possible, the placement of more than
      one student of a particular nationality during any given semester. Therefore, the coordination of the placement of all exchange students will be made through the Office of the Superintendent or designee.
  4. The availability of appropriate program and course offerings as well as the availability of space in given classes will be a consideration in the decision of student acceptance.
    1. Students accepted through the exchange program are subject to all
      policies and regulations governing the conduct and behavior of resident
    2. Students accepted through the exchange program are expected       tomaintain a full academic course of study, as well as to maintain passing grades, satisfactory discipline and attendance records during their enrollment at Evanston High School.
    3. High school diplomas are not granted as a result of the exchange experience.  A Certificate of Attendance is granted at the conclusion of the exchange.  This Certificate recognized successful completion of an exchange experience designed to promote friendship, and enhance understanding among peoples and cultures throughout our world.