Adoption Date: 8/9/1977, Revised: 10/10/1989

(Job Description)

Title Superintendent of Schools

Qualifications As set by State Department of Education

Certification Authorities (see CB)

Reports To Board of Trustees

Supervises Directly or indirectly, all employees of the District

Job Goal To provide leadership in developing and maintaining the best possible

educational programs and services for the students of Uinta County School District Number One

Performance Responsibilities

  1. Implements all Policies of the Board of trustees and all State and Federal Laws relevant to education.
  2. Supervises, either directly or through delegation, all activities of the school district in accordance with the policies of the Board of Trustees.
  3. Defines educational needs and formulates policies and plans for recommendation to the Board of Trustees.
  4. Assumes responsibility for all administrative decisions within the school necessary for the proper function of the School District.
  5. Initiates and guides the development of policies for consideration by the Board of Trustees and develops such administrative rules and procedures as may be necessary to implement policies of the Board of Trustees.
  6. Acts on own discretion if action is necessary in any matter not covered by policies of the Board of Trustees, reports such action to the Board of trustees as soon as possible, and recommends policy in order to provide guidance in the future.
  7.  Develops, refines, coordinates and presents to the Board of Trustees the District's instructional program following input from the staff, consultants, parents, citizens and the Board of Trustees.
  8. Establishes and maintains a program of public relations to keep the public informed of the activities and needs of the School District.
  9. Attends and participates in all Regular and Special meetings of the Board of Trustees except when own employment or salary is under consideration.
  10. Prepares and submits to the Board of Trustees recommendation relative to all matters requiring action by the Board of Trustees, placing before the Board of Trustees such necessary and helpful facts, information, and reports as are needed to insure the making of informed decisions regarding these recommendations.
  11. Prepares agendas for all meetings of the Board of Trustees.
  12. Assumes responsibility for the overall financial planning of the District and for the preparation of the annual budget, and submits that budget to the Board of Trustees for review and approval.
  13. Establishes and maintains efficient procedures and effective controls for all expenditures of school district funds in accordance with the adopted budget, subject to direction and approval of the Board of Trustees.
  14. Files, or causes to be filed, all reports required by all Local, State and Federal Agencies.
  15. Communicates directly or through delegation all actions of the Board of Trustees relating to personnel matters to all District employees.
  16. Makes and records assignments and transfers of all employees in keeping with their qualifications and needs of the School District.
  17. Recommends to the Board of Trustees the employment of such personnel as may be necessary for the successful operation of the School District.
  18. Conducts the formal evaluation of all District administrative and supervisory personnel.
  19. Recommends to the Board of Trustees the promotion, salary changes, demotion or dismissal for each School District employee.
  20. Recommends the establishment or alteration of attendance boundaries for all schools within the District.
  21. Directs "Meet and Confer Activities" with the Certified and Support Staff Associations.
  22. Assumes responsibility for the assignment of students, and the various specialized areas of administration including student services, business management, plant management, transportation, and research.
  23. Supervises methods of teaching, supervision, and administration utilized within the District's individual School Buildings and Facilities.
  24. Attends, upon the approval of the Board of Trustees, such conventions and conferences as are necessary to keep abreast of latest educational trends.
  25. Conducts regularly scheduled District Administrator meetings.
  26. Holds such meetings of teachers and other employees as necessary for the discussion of matters concerning the improvement and welfare of the School District.
  27. Delegates at own discretion to other employees of the Board of Trustees the exercise of any powers or the discharge of any duties, with the knowledge that the delegation of powers or duties does not relieve the Superintendent of final responsibility for the action taken under such delegation.
  28.  Reports regularly to the Board of Trustees about District progress toward the Priorities, general operation, financial status and other issues and concerns.
  29. Performs such other tasks as may be assigned by the Board of Trustees.