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Google Apps (GAFE) » Google Site Graduation Instructions

Google Site Graduation Instructions

UCSD #1 Student Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Accounts are deleted after graduation. All GAFE items including email, drive content, and sites will be deleted. This tutorial will provide instructions for transferring Google materials created and saved using GAFE, in order for students to keep items that have been created.

Maintaining Access Sites

To maintain after-graduation access to the Google Sites you created as a Uinta County School District #1 student, you must transfer ownership of those sites to yourself at a private Gmail account. Google Apps will not allow you to share ownership of the site with a non-Google email account.

Set Up a Free Gmail Account

If you don't have a free Gmail (Google) email account, go to the Gmail home page, click on "Create an account," and follow the instructions to create a new personal email account. Once you have a valid Gmail account, you may use this address to change ownership of your current UCPS Google Sites and other Google tools. Once you have confirmed this email account, log out of your new personal Gmail account.

Change Ownership of Your Google Site

1. Log in to your UCSD #1 Google Site. Click on the "Share" button at the top of the page.
2. In the Sharing Settings dialog box, add your new personal Gmail address in the "Add people" box. Choose "Is owner" from the drop-down menu to the right. Be sure to uncheck the option to send email notifications. Click the Share button and close.  
3. Log out of your UCPS account, and login to your personal Gmail account. Once you have done this navigate to your google site. This will take you to a webpage that lists all of the sites within the Uinta County School District domain that are shared with your personal account.