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Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education, GAFE in its shortened version, is a workplace that supports Union County’s vision of anytime, anywhere learning.

GAFE can be looked at as a digital locker of sorts for students and faculty.  It is a place to safely keep online communication and collaboration documents as they relate to school - school websites, school documents, school videos, school calendars, school email.  You do not need to use it for personal items.

There will be a wide variety of professional development opportunities concerning GAFE throughout the county. Instructional Technology Facilitators will work alongside teachers in every cluster to help implement the great educational apps that Google and its partners have to offer.  ITFs have facilitated the Chrome Expo training provided to middle school and high school teachers along with Google PD initiatives taking place in our elementary schools. UCPS is committed to providing teachers with the resources and training they need to make GAFE a success.