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Google Drive

Google Drive is your storage destination for all of your files. Drive allows you to store your files from your computer and access them anywhere using the Internet. Many file types can be uploaded to Google Drive. Once a file is uploaded to Google Drive, it can then be shared. Microsoft Office products can be uploaded to Google Drive and converted into the desired format within Google Apps. This will simultaneously allow for collaboration and sharing of these documents. Files can be organized in Google Drive using folders; sub folders can be created for further organization.

My Drive: Everything in your Google Drive on the web that you want to sync to other devices where the Google Drive application is installed.

Shared with me: Files that others have shared with you.

Google Photos: Access and manage your photos uploaded to your Google account.

Recent: Everything you've recently viewed or worked on in the order it was last updated.

Starred: Files and folders that you'd like to find quickly .

Trash: Location of all deleted Drive items. You must manually empty the trash in order to permanently remove items from your Google Drive account
You can easily manipulate upload settings in Google Drive to convert files from their original format 
into the Google Apps format. Managing your upload settings is easy and we encourage you to convert your materials because items in Google Apps format do not take up any of the drive space allotted to you!