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Google Apps (GAFE) » Google Drive Graduations Instructions

Google Drive Graduations Instructions

The following directions are for OLD Drive, if you are in the "new" version of Google Drive, you must first navigate to the settings gear icon  on the top right and select "Leave the new Drive."
UCSD #1 Student Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Accounts are deleted after graduation. All GAFE items including email, docs, spreadsheets, etc. will be deleted. This tutorial will provide instructions for downloading materials created and saved using GAFE, in order for students to keep items that have been created.
Maintaining Access to Your Documents
Once a student graduates, they will lose access to their GAFE account and all files will be deleted. To maintain access to Google Docs and Google Drive content that was created using a UCSD #1 GAFE account, a download and conversion will be required. The following instructions provided below will guide students through this process.  Google can now transfer apps account data to personal Gmail accounts. https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6386856


Save Your Google Drive Files (Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms, Drawings)All of the Google Docs that you created as a UCSD #1 student can be downloaded to your home computer or a USB drive with one easy operation. To download these items follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your UCSD #1 Google Apps account. 
2. Go to the Drive home page. Move your cursor over a document, presentation, or spreadsheet to highlight it, and click on the check box to the left of the item.

3. Once the check box is selected an "Actions" menu will appear at the top of your drive. From that menu select “More” and then “Download…”

4. When the download dialog box appears, choose the All Items tab, then select the file formats you would like to use to download your documents. In most cases, nothing has to be changed here. Click "Download" to begin zipping your files.
* You can only download 2GB of data at a time. 

5. Wait for your files to be downloaded; do not choose any other option. When the files have finished converting they will be zipped in a folder and a dialogue box should automatically download or ask you to save your file; choose Save File. Locate your saved file and unzip it in order to access the files contained in the folder.
**If you have a lot of multimedia files in your Google Drive you can use the following tutorial to create a complete archive of your Drive:  How to Back Up Google Drive (Takeout)**