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Kindergarten Registration



Kindergarten registration and screening for Uinta County School District Number One will be held on February 19, 2021.


Parents must make appointments for registration and screening at this time.  (See school information listed below.)  If you are uncertain at which school your child should register, please contact the District Office at 789-7571.


According to Wyoming Statute 21-4-302 the age for registration in Kindergarten:


(b)        A pupil may register in KINDERGARTEN in the public                                                                              schools of this state in the year in which his/her fifth                                                birthday falls, on or before September 15.


Any child who will be five years old on or before September 15, 2021 is eligible for registration in Kindergarten.


At the time of registration in February, parents must supply the child's original registered birth certificate or proof of birth.  This certificate is required BEFORE a student may attend school.  A copy will be made and the original returned to the parent.  Parents also must supply an official record of their child’s current immunizations.  Within 30 days of entering Kindergarten, each child should have 5 DPT, 4 OPV, 2 MMR, 2 Varicella (chicken pox) or documented history of chicken pox and the Hepatitis B series. At least one DPT and one OPV or IPV must have been administered on or after the child's fourth birthday.  The first dose of MMR and Varicella must have been received on or after 12 months of age and the 2nd dose by school entrance date. The Hepatitis B series requires 3 injections given over a 6 month period.   Please call Public Health at 789-9203 or your child's physician if you have questions regarding immunizations.  It is also recommended that a Social Security number be secured for your child.  For further information about Social Security numbers call 1-800-772-1213 or go to


Parents of a child who will be eligible to attend kindergarten in the fall must call for a registration appointment with the school in their attendance area beginning February 19, 2021 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Parents of a child with special needs who has not been involved with the Lincoln-Uinta Child Development Association should contact Dr. Joseph Ingalls, at 789-7571, extension 1026.


School phone numbers:


Aspen Elementary:                 789-3106

Clark Elementary:                  789-2833

North Elementary:                  789-7658

Uinta Meadows Elementary:  789-8098


Please tell the person making your appointment if you need a language interpreter or have other special needs.  Drop-ins on February 19th may be turned away and asked to come another day.