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Bring Your Own Device Use Agreement

Bring Your Own Device Use Agreement



Uinta County School District Number One

Bring your Own Device


Those individuals who desire to use their own devices  within the schools and facilities of Uinta County School District Number One, State of Wyoming (UCSD 1) recognize the need of UCSD 1 to protect its network and technical resources to which such laptops may be connected to or utilize. UCSD1 provides its network in support of the educational mission of the District. Using this network is a privilege. As such, it is the responsibility of each patron who desires to use these services to use them appropriately and in compliance with district policies, applicable laws and this Agreement.

This agreement complies with the acceptable use policy of the District, and may be modified at any time.

I,_________________ , agree with, and will abide by the following statements pertaining to my personal laptop usage on the UCSD 1 network:

  1. UCSD1 network is a shared resource. Thus, using excessive bandwidth for extended periods of time and inhibiting the use of the network by others may result in the termination of my network services.
  2. UCSD1 network may not be used for any commercial purposes or used to provide Internet or UCSD1 network access to anyone outside of the school community for any purpose.
  3. Forgery or other misrepresentation of my identity via email or any other form of communication is a violation of District Policy. This includes forging of IP addresses or Ethernet adapter addresses to conceal a computer's identity. Forgery is a violation of this Agreement and grounds for termination and denial of network services.
  4. Any unauthorized attempt to access another computer (on or off campus) is prohibited. Attempts to access other computers will result in the immediate disconnection of the suspected network connection until the matter has been resolved.
  5. All users of UCSD 1's IT system and/or network will prove affiliation with UCSD 1 through appropriate log on procedures obtained with proper authorization from the IT Director and/or designee.
  6. Equipment and/or software that interferes with the reliable operation of the network and its systems or that attempts to bypass security and capture data is not allowed.
  7. UCSD 1 is not responsible for any support of non-district equipment or any possible damage the connection to UCSD network may cause. UCSD 1 assumes NO responsibility for costs associated with loss or damage to my personal laptop computer and its associated peripheral equipment.
  8. UCSD 1 network has managed wireless access points to connect to the Internet from within school facilities. I understand that connection to third party access points is not permitted. UCSD 1 network services and wiring may not be modified or extended beyond the area of their intended use.
  9. It is the responsibility of each patron to use these services appropriately and in compliance with district policies and applicable laws.
  10. This registration is valid for one school year. This agreement must be renewed each school year.

Signature: _________________________________________________Date:____________

(Parent signature required if student is under the age of 18)

Parent\Guardian signature: __________________________________Date:____________