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Safety Awareness


Each year the School District Transportation Department coordinates a Student Safety Awareness Program throughout the District for all children. During this time safety is emphasized to include:

  1. Loading and Unloading Procedures.
  2. Behavior.
  3. Evacuation Drills

These programs vary from film presentations to student handouts. However, the most vital role is played by the parents. Parents and children are asked to discuss safety issues and proper bus behavior at home.


Each year in the United States there are about 40,000 bike related injuries. About 1,000 cyclists are killed each year. Here are some things you should know to help make your cycling safe, trouble free, and more fun.

Think Safety - You can avoid accidents by using common sense, be courteous, be cautious and be confident.


For Cycling Safety - Rules of the Road:

  1. Obey traffic regulations - as a bike rider you must obey the same rules as the driver of an automobile. Have your mom or dad help you if you aren’t sure what the signs mean.
  2. Turn with care - most bike accidents occur at intersections. If traffic is heavy walk your bike across the street.
  3. Signal before you turn or stop.
  4. Do not show off - don’t weave, race or stunt ride in traffic. Be extra careful around large trucks and school buses.
  5. Keep to the right of the street - ride single file and always ride with the traffic.
  6. Avoid heavy traffic - do not drive on high speed highways or freeways.
  7. Beware of parked cars - a door might suddenly open, forcing you into the traffic or a car might pull out into the traffic right in front of you.
  8. Provide your own power - never hitch a ride by grabbing hold of a truck, car or bus.

Arm Signals for Safe Bike Riding:

Protect Your Bike Against Theft:

  1. Mark it with your name and address. An electric engraving pen works best.
  2. Lock it up - use a theft proof chain, cable or bar lock to attach it to a sturdy fixed object.

For Rollerblade/In Line Skating/Skateboard Safety

Rules of the Road:

  1. Use elbow and kneepads and a helmet when riding your rollerblades/in line skates or skateboard.
  2. Avoid rollerblading/in line skating or skateboarding in traffic. Any type of moving vehicle and rollerblades/in line skates or skateboards make a dangerous combination.
  3. Don’t show off - the same as riding your bike, don’t weave, race or stunt ride. Be extra careful around large trucks or school buses.
  4. Provide your own power - never hitch a ride on a truck, car or school bus.
  5. Parked cars can also be dangerous - watch for a car door to suddenly open or a car to suddenly pull into traffic.
  6. Rollerblading/in line skating or skateboarding is not permitted on the elementary school grounds during regular school hours. Elementary children are not permitted to bring their rollerblades/in line skates or skateboards on the bus.