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When to Stop


The greatest “SAFETY MEASURE” that can be performed by YOU as parents, is careful attention to our buses with flashing red lights.

Our students depend upon your obedience to this law. They have been taught in safety classes and in their school rooms that ”MOTORISTS STOP FOR FLASHING RED LIGHTS”. They expect you to stop. They have been taught to watch the bus driver to see if it is safe to cross the street.



The “Flashing Red Light Law” applies on city streets, on highways throughout Wyoming, on county roads and in our SCHOOL LOADING ZONES.

All motorists must stop for buses loading and unloading children on three and four-lane streets and highways unless there is a physical barrier between the 2nd and 3rd lanes. A physical barrier is a concrete barrier, metal fence or grassy median. The center left turn lane is not a physical barrier. Examples of these roads are Hwy. 150 South, past Straight and Narrow, and Bear River Drive. School bus drivers, in cooperation with the Sheriff’s Office, the Highway Patrol and the Evanston Police Department, take descriptions and license plate numbers of all vehicles passing school buses with flashing red lights and turn this information into the Sheriff’s Office or Police Department.