Approval to Post Information in Schools

Approval to Post Information in Schools  


Adoption Date: 1/1/1978, Revised: 9/12/1980 




All forms of advertising in a school building by private individuals or firms must first be approved by the superintendent and the building principal. Announcements made in the schools by any private or public institutions must first be approved by the superintendent. 

The schools will not provide access to student and staff or to student and staff lists for organizations or persons whose purposes are commercial; or for any other person or group, except in accordance with Board Policies on student and personnel records.

Organizations and Charities

The public school system shall cooperate with community organizations in helping them provide activities which serve to enrich the experiences of children. Such cooperation may take these forms: 

1. School-Related Organizations: With the approval of the superintendent, these organizations may use school bulletin boards and may have the privilege of sending notices home with children regarding their activities. (Examples of organizations: PTA, Recreation Department.) 

2. Youth-Oriented Nonprofit Organizations: With the superintendent’s approval, these organizations may use school bulletin boards to disseminate information on applying for membership, activities, schedules and event. No solicitation of money or sale of tickets will be permitted by those groups in the schools; staff members will not be asked to distribute or collect application blanks or other forms. (Examples of organizations: Scouts, Little League, church-sponsored groups when the activity is nonreligious and open to all.) 

3. Charity Fund Raising: Charity fund raising drives shall be permitted only occasionally and only with approval of the superintendent subject to Board review.

Current practice codified 1978 

Please download and complete the approval form below and return it and all appropriate documentation to the superintendent's office.