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Student Documentation

CTE Civil Rights Review
  1. Student Documentation
    1. Application and/or Admissions Forms (for any program that requires application for admission)
      1. AVID Application
      2. Internship Application
      3. National Honor Society Application
    2. Recruitment and Promotional Materials (related to CTE)
      1. Freshman Transition Day
      2. Career Clusters
      3. Pathways To Professions
        1. Flyer
        2. Promotional Video
      4. Suggested Course Sequencing
      5. Ogden Weber Tech Link for Junior College Visit
      6. Weber State University
      7. Western Wyoming Community College
    3. Student Course Selection Registration Materials (EHS/HHS)
      1. Evanston High School
        1. 9th Grade Letter
        2. 9th/10th grade Registration Forms
        3. 11th/12th Grade Registration Forms
        4. Hathaway Scholarship Intention Form
      2. Horizon Alternative School
    4. School District/School Curriculum Guides (School-level Course Offerings)
      1. Evanston High School
        1. 12th Grade Course Offerings
        2. 11th Grade Course Offerings
        3. 10th Grade Course Offerings
        4. 9th Grade Course Offerings
        5. College Classes Offered
      2. Horizon Alternative School