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Employee Documentation

CTE Civil Rights Review
  1. Employee Documentation
    1. Copies of blank school district employment application for each of the following:
      1. Administrative
      2. Teaching
      3. Support Positions
        1. Part 1
        2. Part 2
    2. A sampling of job announcements/postings for administrative, teaching, and support positions over the past two years.
      1. Administrative
      2. Teaching
      3. Support Positions
    3. A copy of the district's hiring, promotion, retention, and tenure policies and procedures.
      1. Uinta County School District #1 Employee Selection Guidelines and Procedures
      2. UCSD#1 employee selection policies
        Certified Staff Support Staff
        Policy GCA Policy GCE Policy GDA Policy GDC/GDCA/GDD
        Policy GCB Policy GCG Policy GDB Policy GDE        
        Policy GCBA Policy GCO Policy GDBA Policy GDG
        Policy GCBC Policy GCPA Policy GDBB Policy GDPA
        Policy GCC/GCCA/GCD Policy GCPD Policy GDBC Policy GDPD