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For quick answers to frequently asked questions please consult the list below:
Q.  I forgot my Google password.  How can I have it reset?
A.  See your building Tech
Q. Why am I having trouble viewing a Google Doc or Form that is shared with me?
A.  Please ensure that you are signed into your UCPS Google account versus your personal Google account.
Q. What browser works best with Google Apps for Education?
A.  The Chrome browser
Q. Which students will be issued Chromebooks?
A.  Students in grades 6-12
Q. Where can I find policies and procedures related to this initiative?
A. Please consult the rollout resources given at the beginning of the year at your school.
Q. Can students save files to the device itself?
A. Yes they have 16GB of storage available to them on the device itself.
Q.  Can students download apps of their choice?
A.  No, students will only be able to use apps contained in the UCSD #1 Student Apps Locker.
Q. Can teachers download apps of their choice?
A. Yes.
Q. Who do I contact for assistance with technology issues?
A. Contact your school's IT Guru.