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Uinta County School District # 1 is committed to providing a rigorous and relevant educational experience for students that ensures all students will learn at high levels. Our curriculum and instruction encompasses the academic, social and emotional needs of each child. Our ultimate goal is to graduate students that are prepared for success in college, careers and life.

Our district is committed to providing a learning environment in each school that is highly reliable. A high reliable school “monitors the effectiveness of critical factors within the system and immediately takes action to contain the negative effects of any errors that occur.” (Marzano, 2014) We are committed to developing in each school the following factors that positively influence student achievement:  high, clear, shared goals; real-time, understandable, comprehensive data systems; collaborative environments; flexibility; formalized operating procedures; a focus on best practices and expertise; rigorous teacher performance; and clean, safe, well-functioning campuses.

Our district believes in continuous improvement that brings about student success through the development of guaranteed and viable curriculum, effective instruction, student supports, assessment analysis, job-embedded professional development, and effectively implemented federal/state programs.

It is the goal of UCSD#1 to collaboratively work with students, staff, and parents to provide an exceptional educational opportunity for every student that places them on the pathway to excellence.