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With many things happening across the nation in regards to school safety and security, Uinta County School District #1 is addressing this in three areas:  Secure Vestibules, Concealed Weapons, and Visitor Management System.
Each school entrance has been redesigned with a secure vestibule and buzz in system.  The only way a visitor can enter the school after entering the secure vestibule is to be buzzed in by using an Aphone camera and buzz system.  All entrances into the building will are locked at the start time of school each day.  Upon entering the office, visitors will have two choices: 1)if they are only taking care of business in the office, they will take care of that business then leave; 2)if they are going to be entering into the school they will check into to a Visitor Management System called Raptor that will require a valid ID, and receive a printed badge with their destination and picture on it.  If individuals are found in the building without a visitor badge, or an employee badge they will be escorted to the office in an effort to maintain the safety of all.  For more information about the raptor system please click on the following link: https://raptortech.com/protect-your-school/raptor-visitor-management-system/
The district has also implemented a product called SafeDefend in which each classroom throughout out the school has either had a safe or activation module which primary focus is for instant notification to be used only if an active shooter.  Once a staff member activated this device, an instant notification is sent to dispatch along with text messages to all of our police officers and Sherif deputies, staff within that building and administration across the district.  Once this notification is sent it indicate who set it off, which building and room that notification came from.  Inside these safes you will find mace, baton, safety vest, whistle, flashlight, trauma kit. For more information about this system please click on the SafeDefend link: http://www.safedefend.com
The board is working on School Safety & Security policy, which will allow board approved employees to have carry and/or store a concealed Weapon on school property and within the schools.  For more information on that policy, please carefully read the following attached documents: School Safety and Security Policy, CKA-R1 Application, CKA-R2 Firearms and Holsters, CKA-R3 Ammunition, CKA-R4 Training.