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2021-22 Reading Benchmark Assessment Materials

Summary of DIBELS 8 Materials Updates

A limited set of DIBELS 8th Edition Student Assessment Materials and Scoring Materials have been updated for 2021-2022. This summary lists the downloadable materials affected and provides a table with the precise changes.


Grade Scoring booklets and student materials by grade for benchmark assessment.
Kindergarten GK Student Benchmark Materials & Scoring Booklets
Grade 1 G1 Student Benchmark Materials & Scoring Booklets
Grade 2 G2 Student Benchmark Materials & Scoring Booklets
Grade 3 G3 Student Benchmark Materials & Scoring Booklets
Grade 4 G4 Student Benchmark Materials & Scoring Booklets
Grade 5 G5 Student Benchmark Materials & Scoring Booklets
Grade 6 G6 Student Benchmark Materials & Scoring Booklets
Grade 7 G7 Student Benchmark Materials & Scoring Booklets
Grade 8 G8 Student Benchmark Materials & Scoring Booklets



Archived Materials

2019-20 Materials

Includes: Administration and Scoring Guide and Student and Scoring Materials for Benchmark and Progress Monitoring.

2019-20 Materials COVID-19 Remote Testing - End of Year

Includes: Student Materials for Remote Benchmark Testing and a supplemental guide.

mCLASS Groups Overview

To access the Groups page click on the teal "mCLASS: Amplify Reading Edition" tab Teal mCLASS amplify reading edition tab on the home page. Then click on the "Classes and Groups icon just below your name in the upper right corner.
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Groups are informal sets of students that you create and can include any students you have access to. The Groups page contains tools you can use to view your groups and edit them, as well as create new groups and add staff and students to groups.

Materials Download Educational Use Agreement

DIBELS® assessment tools and materials downloadable from this website (the "DIBELS Materials") are available to the educational entities listed below solely under the following conditions: Your use is not intended to and does not place the DIBELS Materials in the public domain. Schools, school districts and multi-district agencies may use the DIBELS Materials solely for internal educational use. No DIBELS Materials may be sold. DIBELS® is a trademark of the University of Oregon. No rights to modify DIBELS Materials or use of the trademark are granted except as agreed to in advance and in writing.

CTL’s development partner, Amplify (, provides DIBELS 8th Edition printed kits, as well as DIBELS 8th Edition administration on its mClass platform and through the DIBELS Data System. The PDF of DIBELS 8th Edition currently provided is for your use in pencil and paper or as a static PDF on your electronic devices. The DIBELS Materials are made available as a research courtesy "as is" with no representations or warranties. Your use of the DIBELS Materials is at your sole risk