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GAME:IT is an introduction to computer programming through game design. The focus of this curriculum is to build a strong foundation in the full spectrum of game development. GAME:IT takes a look at both coding and building games, but also dives into theories that differentiate games from each other.

GAME:IT learning objectives were designed to align with ISTE's NETS for students and 21st Century Skills Technology Core Standards.

GAME:IT provides instruction in six critical areas:

1)Technical skills related to software development, computer programming, and graphic design
2)Creative, innovative, and critical thinking
3)Communication and collaboration as an individual and part of a team
4)Using appropriate and accessible digital tools for research and learning
5)Using engineering, physics, and mathematical concepts critical to game development
6)Post-secondary and career options and resources related to STEM
To learn more about this curriculum please contact me or visit the stem fuse web site at http://stemfuse.com/