Adoption Date: 10/14/1975, Revised: 12/14/1976; 02/08/77, 03/14/78, 07/12/95, 09/13/11, 11/14/17 





Uinta County School District #1 facilities may be used by organizations or individuals within the school district boundaries when programs do not interfere with regularly scheduled school activities.  A facility use fee may be charged in accordance with school district policy and procedure for personnel costs, utilities, supplies, and materials.  All arrangements for use of the facility shall be made in writing and cleared through the individual building administrator and approved by the district’s Facility Use Committee. Use of facilities will be approved for limited use (for a specific period of time) and not for repeated use over an extended period of time.


Community non-profit organizations or individuals residing within school district boundaries may request use of a facility or part of a facility.


All facility users must provide adult supervision (18 and over) to maintain order and prevent damage or loss of school property.  The District may require facility users to provide security personnel or police officers when deemed necessary.


Facilities may not be sublet to another organization or individual.  Use of facilities will be approved for limited use and not for repeated use over an extended period of time.  


Facilities exempt from public use include: the warehouse, transportation (Bus Barn), shops (maintenance, wood, welding, and auto), storage units, central kitchen, culinary arts, family consumer science, and the Education Service Center offices.


Any part of the policy dealing with the use of school buildings may be set aside by the Board when the activity planned shall be on a community-wide basis and shall concern the welfare of the community.


Liability, Insurance and Damages


The District has general liability insurance that covers only the school district and its personnel while acting within the scope of their roles as employees.  As a result, facility users shall agree to release, relinquish, discharge, and agree to indemnify, protect, and save harmless the District, its agents and employees, of and from all claims, demands, and causes of action of every kind and character, including the cost of the legal defense thereof, for any injury to, including death of persons (whether they be third persons or employees of the facility user) and any loss of or damage to property (whether the same be that of either of the parties thereto or of third persons), caused by or growing out of, or happening in connection with the use of said facility/facilities, excepting those injuries caused by the negligence of the District or its employees.  This provision does not apply to governmental users exempt from indemnification requirements under Wyoming Public Law.


Facility users must provide proof of insurance in an amount to be determined by District personnel based on the scope of use, the number of participants involved in the activity and any other factors considered necessary by the District.  The District will not approve the application for facility use until the proof of insurance is on file at the District office.


School Equipment


The request to use school equipment shall be submitted along with the Facility Use Request.  In cases where technicians are required to operate the equipment or where operation of the equipment has a direct cost associated with its use, a fee will be assessed.


Use by Profit-Making Groups or Individuals


District labor, supplies and equipment shall not be used for private gain; nor shall school district facilities be used for such purposes.


Use of School Facilities for Community Education and Recreation


The City of Evanston’s Recreation Department and the Board of Trustees of the school district collaborate to provide a program for community education and recreation.  School facilities are used for community recreation and adult educational programs, as provided for in the agreement between the City of Evanston, Uinta County BOCES, and the school district.  


Policy Adopted: 10/14/75

Policy Revised: 12/14/76, 02/08/77, 03/14/78, 07/12/95, 09/13/2011



CROSS REFS: EDB/EDC, Maintenance and Control/Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials

IGE, Adult Education Programs

KGB, Public Conduct on School Property,

KNAH/KNAI, Relations with Parks/Recreation Authorities