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Adoption Date: 11/13/2007

State law requires the district to obtain competitive bids whenever a school building or addition is built, repairs made, or insurance, supplies, or materials other than textbooks purchased at a cost of more than $10,000 and less than $25,000. When the amount exceeds $25,000, the district is required to place a call for bids at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in the district.

Bids shall be received and awarded in accordance with the procedures listed below:

1. Conforming to Specifications

No bid for the construction or alteration of any district building shall be accepted if it does not conform to the specifications furnished to the bidders.

2. Time for Preparation of Bids

The time allowed for the preparation of bids shall vary depending on the size of the construction project. Adequate time shall be allowed so that the contractor can accurately determine the cost of each aspect of the building project.

3. List of Completed Projects

Each bidder shall submit a list of construction projects, which have been completed under his supervision. The Board shall use these completed projects as references in determining the abilities of contractor.

4. Financial Statement

A financial statement shall be submitted by each bidder for the Board’s use in determining the financial stability of that particular contracting firm.

5. Description of Organization and Equipment

Each bidder shall submit a detailed description of his contracting operations, its organization and the equipment used.

6. Non-collusion Affidavit

Each bidder shall submit a sworn affidavit stating that his is a strictly individual bid free from collusion.

7. Receiving Bids

Only written bids received before the bid deadline shall be considered.

8. Opening Bids

Construction bids shall be opened and considered in the central administration office at the designated time. Bids submitted after this time shall not be accepted.


9. Withdrawal of Bids

The bidder may withdraw his bid(s) prior to the declaration of the time for opening bids on any and all projects. The conditions of bidding shall require his bid(s) to stand after the declaration of the time for the opening.

10. Awarding Contracts

The contract for the successful bidder shall be deemed as having been awarded when the Board has taken action at a regular or special meeting. The awardee as well as the architect shall receive formal notice of the awarding of the contract.

The architect shall prepare the contracts in accordance with the policies of the Board and the provisions as set forth in the plans and specifications. The contract shall be executed in triplicate along with copies of the performance and payment bond.

11. General Conditions

Conditions for the contract shall be established by the Board but shall be subject to acceptance by the contractor.



Policy References:
W.S. 21.1-26(i)