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Adoption Date: 11/13/2007

To ensure that all new facilities are designed to best implement the education program, the superintendent will provide for the development of detailed educational specifications to apply to the design and construction of new buildings. Educational specifications are detailed descriptions of:

1. All the activities that will take place in the building;

2. The curriculum to be housed in the building;

3. Specific architectural characteristics desired;

4. The facilities needed, their equipment requirements and their space relationship to other facility elements; and,

5. Pertinent budget and other governing factors.

When educational specifications are prepared, an introductory section will also be included which will be devoted to a brief description of the community and the educational philosophy of the district.

The preparation of educational specifications serves a two-fold purpose:

1. To clarify and consolidate the thinking of the administration, the Board and the community on the needs, desires and objectives of the educational program to be conducted within the proposed new building; and,

2. To organize this important information in a manner that can be easily and clearly interpreted by an architect.

The persons involved in developing educational specifications should include: The Board which adopts policies, approves final specifications, employs the architect and provides the budget; the superintendent, who provides administrative leadership, interpretation and evaluation; principals, teachers and other certified staff members; student and citizen representatives; and, the architect.

Consultants may be used in the development of educational specifications when deemed necessary by the superintendent and the Board.

Current practice codified 1978



Policy References:
W.S. 21-15