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There will be no food, candy, or drinks allowed to be consumed by students on the bus. Cold lunches must be kept in lunch boxes or backpacks at all times children are on the bus.

Absolutely no pets or animals of any kind are allowed on the bus at any time.

If your child needs to ride home with another student on the same bus or on a different bus, prior approval will be given provided you call the bus barn at 789-6216 or send a note with your child to give to the driver. No note or no call means no ride change will be permitted.

If you want your child to celebrate his/her birthday in the classroom please transport treats to the school yourselves. Numerous problems arise when children carry cupcakes and cookies on the bus to and from school. We have also requested that the schools not send treats on the bus.

NOTE:Balloons are not allowed on the bus.


  1. Will insist that pupils board the bus in an orderly manner and get off as such.
  2. Maintain discipline. Will be courteous, but firm. Will never remove a pupil from a bus enroute unless the lives of others on the bus are in danger. Report unruly student(s) to the School Principal or Transportation Director.
  3. Will not allow pupils to operate the door of the bus. Keep windows closed in cold weather and in the loading zones.
  4. Will ensure that no part of a student’s body is hanging out the window of the bus.
  5. Drivers will insist that students get on and off the bus at respective schools. Drivers will insist that students will get on and off the bus at their designated stops, unless notification from a parent is received that the child has permission to be picked up or dropped off at another location on an established bus route.
  6. Drivers will maintain communication with parents.
  7. Will insist students remain seated for their own safety.
  8. Drivers have authority to assign seats. All elementary children do have assigned seats.


  1. Please send a note to give to the bus driver or call the transportation department at 789-6216 when your child needs to ride another bus or get picked up or dropped off at a different stop.
  2. Bus stops need to be monitored unofficially by parents each day.
  3. Discuss the bus rules and regulations with your children when needed. A call from us is an indication that all is not well with your child’s discipline. (We may even call when your child’s behavior is good!
  4. Call 789-6216 for official school time and to make sure that your children and the bus are on time.
  5. Report unusual behavior of students, other motorists, or strangers to the Transportation Office at 789-6216 or the Police Department 783-1000.
  6. On blizzard days or days of inclement weather, tune into KOTB or KEVA at 6:30, 11:00 a.m., and 1:00 p.m. for special bus route information.
  7. Only lunches in containers are permitted on the bus. No food or drinks are allowed.
  8. Please NO live pets, animals, dead or alive, insects, reptiles, etc. on the buses. (State School Board Policy).
  9. Ensure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.
  10. Please do not send large toys on the bus with your children such as stuffed animals, sleds, skateboards and balloons. There is often not enough room for such items.
  11. Official school time is the time given on KEVA and KOTB radio stations. This corresponds with Coordinated Universal Mean Time. You may also call the Bus Barn at 789-6216 for official school time.
  12. Weapons, to include BB-guns, rifles and pistols of any caliber, hunting knives, arrows, and other dangerous items, are expressly forbidden on the bus. Live ammunition, regardless of the caliber is also forbidden. (Uinta County School District Policy).


The bus driver shall be responsible for the operation of the bus and will establish specific rules of conduct necessary to operate the bus in a safe manner. On regular daily trips to and from school, the following shall apply:

  1. Students must observe the same conduct as in the classroom.
  2. Students must be courteous and must not use profane language or gestures.
  3. Students may not eat or drink on the bus.
  4. Students are to keep the bus clean.
  5. Students are to be cooperative with the driver.
  6. Students may not smoke or chew tobacco on the bus and they may not possess alcohol or controlled drugs.
  7. Students are not to be destructive, especially with bus seats, windows, etc.
  8. Students must stay seated and keep hands, feet, and book bags to themselves.
  9. Students must keep head, hands, feet inside the bus at all times.
  10. Students must not possess dangerous weapons, ammunition, knives, etc.


Parents and students must understand that riding the school bus is a privilege, which may be temporarily denied or suspended if their child’s misconduct jeopardizes the safe operation of the school bus or the safety of the other passengers. When a child enters the school bus, authority lies with the bus driver and the school district. District drivers will make every attempt to work with students and parents to resolve infractions on a one-to-one informal basis.

When a student is unable or unwilling to abide by established standards, or their personal actions jeopardize the safety of the passengers or him/herself, the student shall be formally disciplined.


For Elementary grade level students only (grades K through 5) the disciplinary process begins with a phone call. The bus driver will document the call and let the parent/guardian know that this is the start of the disciplinary process. If your child is still unable or unwilling to abide by established standards the three step write-up process begins. This is the same process and the same form used for all grades K through 12.

Step #1:Student will receive a written warning, with a copy to the principal. If possible, the parents will be called by the Transportation Director or the bus driver. The warning must be signed by the parent and returned with the student before he/she is allowed back on the bus.

Step #2: On the second incident or a second stage offense, the student will receive a written suspension. Parents, student and school authorities will meet and a plan of action will be established to control student action before the student will be allowed back on the bus. Parents need to call to make an appointment for this meeting at 789-6216.

Step #3: On the third incident OR first offense/gross violation of conduct, the student will be suspended from all riding privileges for the remainder of the year.

If an elementary student (K-5 only) has received a third stage offense their parent or guardian may meet with the principal of their school at least seven days prior to an event to attain permission to ride on a field trip or activity trip. The student may ride on a specific trip, only with a signed form from the principal.


A. Student willfully endangers welfare of other student(s) or him/herself.

B. Student is disrespectful or threatening in language, gestures, or writing to a driver, monitor, or other student.

C. Smoking, lighting matches, carrying weapons, fighting, etc.