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2022-2023 Opening Plan (Safe Return Plan - ARP)

Dear UCSD #1’s Students, Parents, and Staff,

Uinta County School District #1 would like to welcome you back to school. It seems the summer flew by, and it is hard to believe school will be back in session in a few short weeks. I would like to congratulate students, staff, and parents on a memorable 2021-22 school year. We overcame challenges, critics, the pandemic, and numerous struggles together. Our students benefited from all of our patience, perseverance, teamwork, and commitment to complete the 2020-21 school year with in-person instruction and a full complement of activities and athletics. Graduation on the EHS football field was a highlight for me again this year. Great weather allowed UCSD #1 to celebrate the graduation of our Seniors who gave up so much in the previous year. 

I am sure we all thought COVID-19 would be over by now, and all would be well. We still face the challenges of a pandemic, mixed information about inoculations, wearing masks, isolation and quarantines.  The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. In addition, the District is committed to provide “the highest quality of education for all students.” It will require a commitment from all of us to have school in-person, in an orderly environment, that is safe for our students and staff.

It is the objective of this plan to get back to the normal operation of schools. UCSD #1 will follow the guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Wyoming Department of Health (WDH), and our local County Health. UCSD #1’s School Board, in consultation with public health, will determine how the CDC distancing and masking recommendations will be implemented in our schools. So, the most frequently asked question, will there be a mask mandate? There is no mask mandate from the CDC or WDH, so following the CDC guidelines, UCSD #1 is recommending that masks be worn indoors by all individuals (age 2 and older).  

The Opening Plan is designed to be fluid, it is designed to identify different levels of restrictions based on the pandemic in our county and in our schools. This tiered approach will focus on three levels of restriction based on COVID-19 numbers. Tier I - Green is school back to normal with in-person instruction, activities, and athletics following guidelines and procedures that provide for the normal operation of school with enhanced health and safety protocols, including masks recommended. Tier II - Yellow is more restrictive, including a local mask mandate and additional precautions. Instruction will be a combination of in-person and adapted learning taking all learning options into consideration.Tier III - Red is schools are closed and instruction will be primarily adaptive learning virtually. 

Our goal is Tier I for the entire school year. UCSD #1’s School Board, in consultation with public health, will determine the Tier level based on the health of our students and staff. Please read through this opening plan. Each of us has a part to play, communication with parents and the community will be vital if tough decisions have to be made. The district will take a common sense approach to opening schools and keeping them open. Please be patient, calm, and remember the district’s number one priority is the safety of our students and staff. I look forward to a great school year.


Ryan Thomas, Superintendent


P.S. Click on the links (in blue) to read the Opening Plan, CDC guidelines, and District goals.

District and Board Goals for 2022-23