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Request for Proposal for Professional Services

Planning Services

For Project Evanston High School Fieldhouse

Issued by Uinta County School District No. 1



Request for Proposal


1.  Invitation

1.1. Uinta County School District No. 1 (UCSD #1) would hereby invite interested firms and/or individuals (Professional Service Providers) to submit a response to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for professional services in support of project Evanston High School Fieldhouse, located in Evanston, Wyoming at 701 West Cheyenne Drive.


Column 1

Field Description

Column 2

Project Information

Professional Service Type

Planning Services

Professional Service Providers

Architects and Engineers

Project Name

Evanston High School Fieldhouse

Project Location

701 West Cheyenne Drive, Evanston, WY

District Name

Uinta County School District No. 1

District Address

537 10th Street, Evanston, WY 82931

Conference Address

537 10th Street, Evanston, WY 82931

District Representative Name

Ryan Thomas, Superintendent

District Representative Email



2.  Type and Scope of Professional Services

2.1. Type of professional service requested in this RFP is indicated below (check one):

  Commissioning Agent Services

  Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Services

  Design Services

  Geotechnical Investigation Services

  Hazardous Materials Abatement Design Services

  Material Testing and Inspection Services

  Owner’s Representative Services

  Planning Services

  Surveying Services

  Seismic Evaluation


3.  Agreement

3.1. The Professional Service Provider will be responsible for providing the services described in the contract.  This contract has been reviewed and approved by Phillips Law, LLC, UCSD# 1’s legal representative.  The contract will be executed as written. 

4.  Pre-Proposal Conference

4.1. The Professional Service Provider shall thoroughly and fully inform himself/herself regarding the project, budget, and scope of services.  A pre-proposal conference and/or site visit is an opportunity to discuss the general scope and for UCSD #1 to answer questions.  This will be conducted for all but the simplest work.

  Mandatory, held at 537 10th Street, Evanston, WY at the date and time listed in the table in Section 6.

5.  Project Summary

5.1. Introduction and History:  

UCSD #1 is seeking proposals for a professional service provider to prepare a feasibility study in preparation to bond and build a field house on the Evanston High School campus.

UCSD #1 is interested in bonding for an indoor athletic facility (fieldhouse), and two outdoor regulation turf soccer fields on the campus of Evanston High School (EHS). The fieldhouse would need to be large enough to provide a track suitable for practice and competition. The multi-purpose nature of the facility requires a turf soccer/football field, and volleyball/basketball flooring.  The fieldhouse will also need dressing rooms, public restrooms, storage, and possibly overflow space for team meetings.

The proposed fieldhouse would provide an indoor facility for many of the District’s athletes and students. Evanston’s cold and snowy climate significantly limits the ability of the District’s student athletes from using the outdoor facilities to practice or complete.  EHS has an indoor track team during the winter that has no facility to use for practice or competition. Soccer in the spring has no indoor facility for practice or competition.  Snow and/or poor grass conditions during much of the spring season prevent all student athletes from practicing outside for much of their season. The limited indoor practice space (gyms) available to the District requires the multiple spring sports to create and continually modify practice schedules, and to hold practices at inconvenient times and in inconvenient places. The lack of indoor space in the spring is a detriment to both the student athletes and our athletic programs. Evanston does not have a regulation soccer field for competition. 

Other activities would benefit from a fieldhouse, boys and girls cross country teams, football, marching band, and physical education classes may all be forced to practice indoors by weather conditions. The fieldhouse could also be used as an overflow for hosting varsity events and tournaments including; volleyball, basketball, soccer, and indoor/outdoor track and field.





5.2. Hazardous Materials: 

  Identifying hazardous materials and providing an initial cost estimate for abatement is not required for this project.

5.3. Project Description and Intent: 

The study is to determine an appropriate location on the EHS campus for the fieldhouse, the size of the building in relation to the desired functions, and an estimated cost. The study should provide the necessary information needed to prepare for bonding. Study deliverables should include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Soil type (existing and visual); grading, topography, drainage, (Not a full geotechnical study)
  • Zoning; necessary changes or modifications
  • Utilities; sewer, water, gas, and electrical needs
  • Integration of utilities with EHS
  • Parking; student, staff, spectator, and bus access
  • Emergency services access
  • Fire suppression requirements
  • Estimated cost, including options or alternatives
  • Required FFE

The facility would include a rubberized track, field turf, restrooms, and appropriate flooring for court based activities (basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, etc.). Estimated cost should include design, square footage, construction cost, FFE, and an estimate of annual maintenance cost determined by the HVAC system selected. The district may want to include ten years of maintenance cost into the bond.

6.  Project Timeline

Task Description



Notice of Request for Proposal (advertisement)



Pre-proposal conference (Required on-site)


1:00 pm

Deadline to submit RFIs


4:30 pm

Deadline to submit proposal


4:00 pm

Identify shortlisted firms and draft interview questions



Issue request for interviews to shortlisted firms



Interview shortlist firm 1


9:00 am

Interview shortlist firm 2


10:30 am

Interview shortlist firm 3


1:00 pm

School District Board of Trustees Meeting


6:00 pm

Anticipated date to award contract for study



Notice to Proceed



Final deliverable (study complete)




  1. Proposal Content

7.1. Format: 

Proposals shall be bound or placed in a binder, printed on letter size paper (8-1/2 inch by 11-inch) paper.  Ledger (11 inch by 17 inch) size foldouts are acceptable provided they are no larger than a letter size page when folded.

7.2. Size: 

Proposals shall be no more than twelve (12) pages for the type of professional service requested.  Pages shall be numbered consecutively and may not exceed the total number of pages specified, whether printed single-sided or double-sided.  Covers, table of contents, and divider tabs will not count toward the total number of pages, provided no additional information is included on those pages.

7.3. Insurance:

The following insurance documents are required: Proof of Professional Liability insurance (required if drawings are stamped) and/or Commercial General Liability.

7.5. Submittal Checklist:  The table in Attachment 2 lists required documents, number of copies, and the mailing addresses.  Missing documents may disqualify firms from further consideration.

8.  Submission Procedures

8.1. The submittal shall be sent directly to the District at the addresses listed in Attachment 2.  Multiple physical copies as listed in Attachment 2 are required such that each selection committee member has a copy to review.  This is due by the date and time listed in Section 6 – Project Timeline under “Deadline to submit proposal”.

8.2. The School District reserves the right to request additional information which, in the School District’s opinion, is necessary to ensure that the School District has complete information with regard to the Professional Service Provider’s competence, business organization, and financial resources to assist in determining if the Professional Service Provider is qualified.

9.  Questions, Clarifications, and/or Interpretations

9.1. Professional Service Providers having questions or requiring clarification or interpretation of the RFP shall make a written request to UCSD #1 via email to rthomas@uinta1.com.  RFIs (Requests for Information) are due no later than the date and time listed in Section 6 under “Deadline to Submit RFIs”.  Interpretations, corrections, and changes of the RFP documents shall be made by Addendum.  Interpretations, corrections, and changes of the RFP documents made in any other manner will not be binding.

10.  Selection Committee Appointment and Duties

10.1. In evaluating Professional Service Provider proposals, the Superintendent shall forward all submittals to a Selection Committee.  The Selection Committee will be members of Board of Trustees, Administration, and staff of the School District. The size of the committee will not be more than ten members, but may be increased or decreased depending on the size and complexity of the Project, the availability of staff, and the preference of the School District. 

10.2.  A member of the Selection Committee designated under Paragraph 11.1 shall not be employed by or have a financial or other interest in a Professional Service Provider who has a proposal submitted to and/or being evaluated by the Selection Committee.

11.  Notices, Reservation of Rights, and Waivers

11.1. By submitting a proposal, each Professional Service Provider agrees to waive any claim it has or may have against the UCSD #1, and the Professional Service Providers retained by UCSD #1, and their respective employees, arising out of or in connection with the administration, evaluation, or recommendation of any proposal; a waiver of any requirements under the Contract Documents; acceptance or rejection of any proposals; and award of the Contract.

11.2. UCSD #1 reserves the right (a) to terminate the Request for Proposals process at any time; (b) to reject any or all proposals; and (c) to waive formalities and minor irregularities in the proposals received.

11.3. UCSD #1 further reserves the right to conduct a pre-award survey and reference checks of any firm under consideration to confirm any of the information furnished by the firm or to require other evidence of managerial, financial, technical and other capabilities, the positive establishment of which is determined by UCSD #1 to be necessary for the successful performance of the contract.

11.4. By submitting a proposal, the prospective Professional Service Provider agrees to follow and comply with all UCSD #1 policies, regulations, written staff directives, and practices, as well as information management, purchasing, and accounting requirements.

11.5.  Professional Service Provider hereby releases, discharges and agrees to hold harmless the School District, its trustees, administrators, officers, employees and agents, and any third-parties who provide any information to the School District, as well as any assignees, from any and all claims for damages for libel, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, false light, interference with business expectancy or any other claim based on any investigation of the background, references, credentials, history, experience, and abilities of the Professional Service Provider.


12.  Modification or Withdrawal of Proposals

12.1. A proposal may not be modified, withdrawn, or canceled by the Professional Service Provider during the stipulated time period following the time and date designated for the receipt of Proposals, and each Professional Service Provider so agrees by submitting a proposal.

12.2. Prior to the time and date designated for receipt of proposals, a proposal submitted may be modified or withdrawn by notice to the party receiving proposals at the place designated for receipt of proposals.  Such notice shall be in writing over the signature of an authorized representative of the firm.  A change shall be so worded so as not to reveal the original proposal.

12.3. Withdrawn proposals may be resubmitted up to the date and time designated for the receipt of proposals provided that they are then fully in conformance herewith.

12.4. The Professional Service Provider’s proposal submission is a guarantee that the fees, costs, and expenses quoted have been arrived at without collusion with other eligible Professional Service Providers and without effort to preclude UCSD #1 from obtaining the lowest competitive price.

12.5. Proposals due at the specified date and time must be received at UCSD #1’s location by that date and time to receive consideration.  Proposals received after the specified date and time are considered late and are not opened.  UCSD #1 is not responsible for any late proposals received by mail or any other method of delivery.

13.  Negotiation of Contract

13.1. Negotiations with Highest Ranked Professional Service Provider:  The first-ranked firm may be requested to travel to the UCSD #1’s office located at 537 10th Street, Evanston, Wyoming 82931, or at UCSD #1 discretion use alternate meeting methods such as email, phone conferencing, or GoToMeeting, in order to review and negotiate the proposed fixed fee and rates prior to contract execution. UCSD #1 shall attempt to negotiate the Professional Service Provider’s contract with the highest ranked Proposer, and may enter into a contract after successful negotiations.

13.2. Negotiations with Next Highest Ranked Professional Service Provider:  If UCSD #1 is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the highest ranked Professional Service Provider, UCSD #1 may terminate negotiations with that Professional Service Provider.  The UCSD #1 may then undertake negotiations with the second highest ranked Professional Service Provider and may enter into a contract after successful negotiations.  If UCSD #1 is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the second highest ranked Professional Service Provider, UCSD #1 may undertake negotiations with the third highest ranked Professional Service Provider, if any, and may enter into a contract after negotiations.

13.3. Requirement of Execution of Written Contract:  No contractual rights shall be created between the Professional Service Provider and UCSD #1 until a written contract has been negotiated, agreed upon, approved by the School District Board of Trustees, and executed by all parties thereto.

13.4. Insurance:  The Professional Service Provider shall provide insurance coverage for the Project which shall include professional liability, and/or general liability, automobile liability coverage.

13.5 Modification of Professional Service Provider Contract:  The Professional Service Provider’s contract may be conditioned upon later refinements in scope and price and may permit UCSD #1 in agreement with the Professional Service Provider to make amendments in the Project without invalidating the contract.

13.6. Unsuccessful Negotiations with Professional Service Provider:  If UCSD #1 is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with any of the ranked Professional Service Providers, UCSD #1 may either revise the Request for Proposals and solicit new proposals or cancel the Professional Service Provider selection process.

14.  Rejection of Proposals

16.1. UCSD #1 reserves the right to reject any and all proposals in response to this Request for Proposal that are deemed not to be in UCSD #1’s best interests.  UCSD #1 further reserves the right to cancel or amend this Request for Proposal at any time and will notify all recipients accordingly.




Attachment 1



Uinta County School District #1 (UCSD #1)

Notice to Professional Service Providers

Request for Proposals


Notice is hereby given that UCSD #1 have issued a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) from firms/individuals for Professional Service Type in support of Evanston High School Fieldhouse Feasibility Study(“the Project”).


The RFP materials, project information, and other important information, will be available for download by visiting the UCSD #1 website:



Step 1   Select “Departments” from top directory

Step 2   Select “Facilities and Maintenance” from the dropdown menu

Step 3   View and download RFP from the “Evanston High School Fieldhouse” from menu on right


All submitted Proposals shall be sealed and must be received by UCSD #1, at P.O. Box 6002, 537 10th Street, Evanston, Wyoming 82931, no later than 4:00 pm on 6/1/2020.  Proposals may be delivered in person, via US Postal Service, or via commercial parcel service.  Proposals will not be accepted via facsimile transmission, email, or any other electronic or telephonic means.  Only such Proposals that have been received by the District at the address, time, and date listed above will be considered.


UCSD #1 reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals deemed to be not in the best interests of the School District.  The School District further reserves the right to cancel or amend the RFP materials and contract documents at any time and will notify all persons requesting proposal documents accordingly.


Attachment 2

Submittal Checklist



Documents Required

School District

Qualification Submittal



Cover Letter / Executive Summary


Ten (10) hard copies


Qualification Questionnaire

   (Attachment 3)


Reference Information

   (Attachment 4)


Information Certification Sheet

   (Attachment 5)


Other Information

   (Past projects, prototype, etc.)

Send to:


Mailing Address


Attn:  Superintendent Thomas

P.O. Box 6002

Evanston, WY 82931-6002



Attachment 3

Qualification Questionnaire


Describe your firm’s approach to this project.


For how many years has your firm been providing Consulting services similar to the Project Summary?

Has the Consultant or any proposed member of the Consultant’s team, failed to complete work for which a contract was issued? ____Yes ____No.  If yes, explain in detail.

Are there any civil or criminal actions pending against the Consultant’s firm or any proposed member of the Consultant’s team? ____Yes ____No.  If yes, explain in detail.

  1. Criterion C – PAST PERFORMANCE:

List a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) projects for which your firm in the past five (5) years has provided Consulting services which are most similar to the Project presented in the RFP (list the projects in priority order with the most similar project listed first):


Describe scheduling challenges presented by the project and how your firm will address these challenges.

  1. Criteria E&F – LOCATION / RESIDENCY:

List all disciplines that will be used on this project. If one or more of the following disciplines will be self-performed by the firm, do not leave it blank but state the firm’s name.  If a discipline is not needed for this particular project, then state “Not Applicable.”


Name of Firm

Location (City and State)

Lead Professional Service Provider



Sub Consultant



Educational Specialist



Civil Engineer



Mechanical Engineer



Electrical Engineer



Structural Engineer



Cost Estimating Consultant



Information Technology Consultant



Acoustical Consultant



Landscape Consultant



FF&E Consultant



Court and Turf Engineer











List all projects presently on-going or under contract for which your firm is acting as a Consultant, and describe your approach to scheduling your human resources.


















Attachment 4

Reference Contact Information


Provide three (3) current references; information may be in any format.

Name of Project


Project Type and Scope




Professional Services Provided


Reference name and responsibility


Reference Contact Information

(address, phone number, email)



Name of Project


Project Type and Scope




Professional Services Provided


Reference name and responsibility


Reference Contact Information

(address, phone number, email)



Name of Project


Project Type and Scope




Professional Services Provided


Reference name and responsibility


Reference Contact Information

(address, phone number, email)


Attachment 5

Information Certification Sheet


INSTRUCTIONS:  This RFP Proposal Certification Sheet has three (3) Articles.  Article I is a description of the projects, Article II is the RFP Submittal, and Article III deals with verifications, consents and release agreements.  This certification sheet must be completed, signed and notarized.



  1. PROJECT:This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for qualified firms is to perform consulting services as described in the RFP documents.


  1. RFP SUBMITTAL:I/We, the undersigned, hereby submit the attached response to the Request for Proposal to furnish professional services as described in the Request for Proposal to which this RFP Proposal Certification Sheet is attached to and for benefit of UCSD #1 in strict accordance with the Request for Proposal materials as prepared by UCSD #1.


  1. VERIFICATIONS, CONSENTS, AND AGREEMENTS:On behalf of myself and the firm, I certify, warrant and represent to UCSD #1 that the foregoing response to the Request for Proposal is based on a full and complete examination of the RFP, and all other Contract Documents, including as determined necessary site examination; and that all statements, facts and representations made in all of our submittal documents and materials are true, correct, accurate, and complete, and may be relied upon by UCSD #1 in considering the firm's proposal.  I understand it is our responsibility to immediately provide updated and correct information if any of the information changes at any time.  I understand that any omission, falsification or misrepresentation made by our firm in such documents and materials or any supplement thereto, will be sufficient grounds for failure to employ the firm or terminate any contract with UCSD #1.  I further acknowledge our firm's consent and agreement to comply at all times with all Owner policies, regulations, directives and practices.
  2. By submitting this proposal, our firm, and all employees thereof, individually and corporately, hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless, the School District, its trustees, administrators, officers, employees and agents, and any third-parties who provide any information to the School District, from any and all claims for damages for libel, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, false light, tortuous interference with business expectancy or any other claim based on any investigation of the background, references, credentials, history, experience and abilities of the Proposer and any statements, comments, records, documents, or publications, not maliciously made, in any form, made by or received by, the School District, and any third-parties providing requested information about the Proposer’s background, history, credentials and/or abilities to provide the Services identified by the RFP.
  3. All statements of intent or proposed future action (including the assignment of personnel and the provision of services) are commitments that will be honored by the applicant if awarded the contract.


  1. Our firm is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, political affiliation, religion, or belief in relation to admission, treatment of students, access to programs and activities, or terms and conditions of employment.By this submittal, our firm agrees, if selected, to actively continue and implement this policy throughout any awarded project.
  2. If selected, our firm agrees to not assign any individual or agent to any work on an awarded project with a criminal record of a serious nature as defined by UCSD #1s policies, regulations, practices or directives.Our firm authorizes and gives consent, and agrees to cooperate in obtaining any additional authorization or consent necessary to assure compliance with this requirement.
  3. If any information provided by the applicant is found to be, in the opinion of UCSD #1, substantially unreliable, the response to the RFP may be rejected.

Do you make the following acknowledgments/certifications?  If so, sign on the line provided below and have your signature notarized.

The undersigned certifies that he/she is a principal or officer of the firm submitting a proposal in response to the RFP for the Project and is authorized to make the above acknowledgments and certifications for and on behalf of the firm.  By execution and submission of this proposal, the undersigned hereby represents and warrants to UCSD #1 that he/she has read and understands the RFP and all appendices thereto and that the firm’s proposal is made in accordance with the RFP.

For and on behalf of the Professional Service Provider


            (Name of Firm)


Name & Title (Print)                                         Signature                                                                Date


STATE OF:                                            

COUNTY OF:                                        


Personally appeared before me the above-named ___________________________________________, known to me to be the same person who executed the foregoing Information Certification Sheet, and the same person who acknowledged and represented to me that he/she is the authorized representative of _____________________________________________, that the facts and statements therein are true, the agreements are authorized, and that he/she is authorized to execute the foregoing Information Certification Sheet on behalf of the above named individual, firm, or corporation.

SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me on this date:  __________________, 20____.


Notary Public