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Classroom Based Virtual Learning Program

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Welcome to Uinta County School District #1 Classroom Based Virtual Learning Program.

Virtual Program Parent Update 12/7/20

Virtual Program Parents/ Guardians and Students:


Here are some important reminders as we near the end of the second quarter:


Work Environment

A distraction free work environment, structured similar to what a student might experience in school is usually most conducive to successful virtual education.  Sitting on a chair at a desk or a table, away from distractions like TV, video games, toys, pets or other people talking is usually best.  


Work Completion

Students must complete required assignments, readings, videos etc during the day before any Zoom meeting requirements in the evening.  Students that do not do this will not be prepared fo the Zoom sessions and could take extra time from the class.  Their grades will not be good either.  Successful virtual education requires much more than just attending a zoom session.  You will not get points, grades or credit in your classes, especially at the 6-12 level, if you do not complete the required assignments and work.



Attendance is critical for success in education.  Daily attendance is required for Virtual Program students.  Daily attendance is more than just showing up to a Zoom session.  Attendance in virtual program courses require students to participate, complete and turn in assignments.  If students do not attend, participate and complete work on a daily basis they could be exited from the Virtual Program.



Schools are beginning to send out regular progress reports.  You can expect to receive these reports from your student’s regular school.  You have access to your students grades and progress at any time through Powerschool.. Teachers update grades on a weekly basis, if not more often.  Virtual Program student progress is assessed at the end of each quarter.  The end of the first quarter for 6-12 students is Friday, October, 23rd.  6-12 Virtual program students must complete, with passing grades (70%/ C or higher), a minimum of four of five classes in order to remain in the program.  K-5 students must be progressing at a reasonable and adequate pace as determined by their teacher.

What are my options if my student is not meeting attendance/ progress requirements at the end of first quarter?


If your student is exited from the Virtual Program you have the following options to continue their education…


  1.  Have them enroll/ attend their regular school in person.  All they need to do is show up.  Third quarter starts Tuesday, January 19th, 2021.


  1. If the UCSD #1 Virtual Program did not work out for your student, it is highly unlikely they will be successful in a different one, but there are a few available. You could apply to one of the four WDE approved state-wide virtual schools…


Big Horn 1 - Wyoming Connections Academy (WYCA)

Shannon Siebert



Niobrara 1 - Wyoming Virtual Academy (WYVA)

George Mirich



Park 16 - Tech Trep Academy (only K-8)

Shane Ogden 

307.868.2501 Ext. 220


Sheridan 1 - Cowboy State Virtual Academy (CSVA)

Angel Sparkman  

307.655.9541 Ext. 1144  


Please return your student’s disabled chromebook to your local school or Horizon if you choose to apply or enroll in one of the state-wide virtual schools.

About the Program
Emergency Chapter 41 rules (virtual education) were passed in Wyoming which allow districts to provide virtual education programs this year. UCSD #1 has opted to provide this as an option for students who may not be comfortable returning to the regular school environment. Parents and students choosing the Virtual option must understand that it is only for this year and that only core classes will be offered.
Students/ Guardians wanting to enroll in the virtual program must:
1)  Contact their local district school and let them know they are interested in this option. 
2)  Meet with their local district school principal and/or designee and determine if the Virtual Program is the best option for the student.  
3)  If it is determined that the Virtual Program is the best option the local district school will contact the Virtual Program and initiate the application process.
4)  Virtual program staff will contact the guardian and email the application.  Once the application is submitted the student will be scheduled and enrolled in the Virtual Program.
12th grade high school students choosing this option will have to enroll in Horizon High School, where they will work towards Horizon High School Diploma requirements (core classes).  Elective courses will not be offered. K-11 students will remain enrolled in their district school for the purpose of tracking attendance and grades (Powerschool). 
Horizon High School awards credit on a quarter-system (much like DMS and EMS). Considering this, it would be optimal for students to enroll or transfer out of the program, back to regular school at those quarter times (Aug, Oct, Jan, and March). All students enrolled in the virtual program will still be required to take state assessments (WYTOPP and ACT). Courses, curriculum, assessments, and credit offered through the virtual program will be the same as regular classroom courses. Expectations for completion of courses, grading, and assessment will be the same as regular classes. The courses will not be easier.
The decision to offer a virtual program this year was based on district parent surveys and feedback.  We are doing our best to provide an educational service that was requested by parents.  The Virtual Program was created for students/ guardians with serious health implications, concerned about contracting/ spreading COVID 19 and/or complying with the federal and state guidelines required for school to re-open during the pandemic.  
Horizon Jr/ Sr High School Principal, Shad Hamilton, will coordinate the virtual learning program.  Feel free to contact Mr. Hamilton at Horizon if you have any questions about the virtual program. 
Shad Hamilton