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Classroom Based Virtual Learning Program

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Welcome to Uinta County School District #1 Classroom Based Virtual Learning Program.

Dear Virtual Program Parent/ Guardians:

The last instructional day for Virtual Program students will be Friday, May 21st.  The last day of school for the district is Thursday, May 27th, and this is an early release day. The Virtual Program will not be offered next year.


Your student is invited to attend the regular school activities Monday, May 24th- Thursday, May 27th.  Your student’s teacher will communicate any additional information required for that last partial week of school.

Over 130 students have transitioned back to regular school from the program.  We have learned through this that the transition back to regular school takes a few days.  Students are often anxious and behind.  We know students in the Virtual Program are getting behind in their social skills development and academic development.  What we offer through the program is just the basics.  

Considering this, it is very important and highly recommended that if at all possible have your students return to regular school THIS YEAR.  Even if it’s just the last few days.  If they can get through the transition back to school this year, then they will be prepared for school next year and should be set up to have a great start.  

Summer school is also highly recommended for all K-5 virtual program students and any 6-11 Virtual Program students that did not earn a 70% or higher in any of their classes this year.  Classroom teachers will provide the applications for summer school and can visit with you further about whether or not it’s appropriate for your student.

I’ve enjoyed working with all of you this year.  I hope that your student’s transition back to regular school goes well.  Research continues to support higher academic gains for students that attend regular school.  Wyoming led the nation in students attending regular school during the pandemic.  As a result, our state assessments are showing tremendous growth compared to the rest of our nation.  Let me know if I can help in any way with your students transition back to school.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Shad Hamilton

Principal- Horizon High School/ Virtual Program Director