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Community Field House information and Study Report

With a growing need for school districts around the state to provide facilities capable of housing athletic activities in the winter, Uinta County School District No. 1 finds themselves to be no different. As certain sanctioned activities grow, for example Indoor Track, a more unique demand is placed on districts to be able to provide a resource capable of housing practice or competitions. Sports which overlap seasons, such as outdoor track and soccer, also find themselves without places to practice during seasonal changes. These demands are not just distinctive to the District, many city or local sports groups are also feeling the pressure. Subsequently, Uinta County School District No. 1 (UCSD1) determined it was time to further investigate a plan to resolve not only their needs, but quite possibly help remedy those of the community through the potential development of a new multi-purpose field house with expanded outdoor fields.

To assist UCSD No. 1 in developing a solution, they solicited the services of an Architectural/ Engineering Design Team to provide not only a potential layout for the facility, but to also assess the most practical location and associated site conditions; provide life cycle cost analysis; and most importantly, provide cost estimates that the District could reliably present to the community for bonding consideration. The District ultimately selected the design team lead by Plan One/ Architects and Essenza Architecture to assist them as they take the next steps in making the proposed field house a reality. Plan One also engaged the services of Crest, LLC, civil engineers, Wood PLC, mechanical and electrical engineers, and JP Estimating, a professional cost estimator, to assess their respective areas of professional expertise for the project. Our team began the process of data discovery by meeting with UCSD1 personnel and other key stakeholders, and immediately began working on site selection and developing a functional space program. The selected site was then surveyed and utilities were investigated to understand where they would originate from or be required to terminate. It was determined some on-site utilities are available, but others such as sanitary sewer must route to a pre-existing utility off-site. Conceptual site concepts were then developed considering building orientation, traffic flow, utility routing, parking, and other influences on development.
It was determined from this study and approved by UCSD #1 Board of Trustees to go to Bond for just over $22 million dollars.
Please check out the video below which explains more throughly the need for this type of facility. You can also read the entire report by clicking on the UCSD1 Field-house Report below.  
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