Uinta County School District #1

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First day of school is August 28, 2017

Board Resolution approved on behalf of UCSD #1

On May 9th the Board officially released the following resolution on behalf of Uinta County School District #1
WHEREAS, the philosophy of Uinta County School District Number One ("UCSD#1" or the "District") Board of Education ("Board") is guided by the conviction that every child has an equal right to the best program of education that can be provided. This education program must be democratically developed to provide experiences that will allow each individual to develop their talents, skills, and abilities to the fullest; and
WHEREAS, the curriculum of the district is the true measure of the educational opportunity provided young people. Therefore it is the philosophy of this District to provide educational experiences within the curriculum offerings sufficiently extensive and varied to satisfy the needs of individual students regardless of the range of their abilities, their achievements; and
WHEREAS, careful consideration will be given each year, as the district budget is developed, to prioritization of funds to allow success in meeting curriculum goals and offerings. Building operating budgets will receive careful screening by the administrative council to ensure funds are directed toward district curriculum goals. Budget work sessions with the Board of Trustees will include discussion concerning funds for textbooks, instructional supplies and instructional equipment; and
WHEREAS, the Board recognizes state mandated budget cuts for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years will require the District to carefully and strategically balance the budget based on indicators that will most likely lead to student success; and
WHEREAS, the Board created the UCSD#1 2016-2017 Strategic Plan which established the District goals to implement new reading, social studies and mathematics curriculum; the Wyoming core standards; incentives for promoting student success; and supportive management practices; and
WHEREAS, the Board created the 2016 Communication Plan to develop, improve and sustain a communication system and culture within the District that promote respectful communication, engagement, and partnerships with community stakeholders; and
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board recognizes the employees of UCSD#1 for implementing the 2016-2017 strategic communication plan with stakeholders, implementing the philosophy of the District, balancing the budget in 2017 and implementing the 2016-2017 Strategic Plan.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board recognizes the Superintendent, Ryan Thomas; the administration; and the employees of UCSD#1 as experienced, qualified and capable of successfully accomplishing the goals set forth in the 2016-2017 Strategic Plan and the the 2016-2017 Communication Plan; balancing the budget and making the necessary budget cuts; and taking the necessary steps to ensure that all students are prepared to meet the demands of 21st century citizenship, careers and post-secondary education.