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First day of school is August 28, 2017

Impact Concussion Testing

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Impact Concussion Testing
What is ImPACT Testing (immediate post-concussion assessment and cognitive testing) ?
The only FDA recognized test
7400 high schools and 1000 colleges use this test as part of their protocol for evaluating and managing concussions. 
Not a stand alone test
Baseline and Post-Injury Evaluation tool
How ImPACT works?
25 minute computerized test, online test for ages 12-59
delivered via a secure web portal
taken via desktop computer
Administered in the presence of a nurse
results interpreted by a licensed health care provider
the test tracks a student's symptoms and measures multiple aspects of cognitive functioning, including attention span, working memeory, sustained and selective attention time, non-verbal problem solving, and reaction time.
Why ImPACT for U.C.S.D. #1 Students?
Current Legislation has resulted in increased accountability for all school districts, including U.C.S.D.#1.
U.C.S.D.#1 has chosen the ImPACT test as part of our protocol, along with the recommendation and evaluation of a licensed medical professional.
Allows coaches, teachers, administrators, doctors and nurses a tool to evaluate and manage suspected head injury.
Plays a part in return to activity evaluation.
One more tool that could help in providing a safe and healthy environment for U.C.S.D.#1 students.
Did You Know?
recovery may take days or weeks.
premature return to activity decisions following a concussion could lead to potentially serious consequences.
current legislation has resulted in increased accountability of all schools, clubs and teams.